Returning the vehicle

How do you return your car at the end of your lease?

Returning the vehicle

How do you return your car at the end of your lease?

The Private Lease service is no longer available. However, existing contracts will remain in force. If you have a Private Lease contract, you can find more info here.

As your lease draws to a close, you may be wondering how to return your car.

How and where do you return your car? What if it’s damaged? Find out here.

Cars must be returned to KBC Private Lease% clean and in good condition, together with their:

  • Vehicle registration certificate
  • Certificate of conformity
  • Service log book
  • Certificate of insurance (green card)
  • Vehicle inspection certificate (if applicable)
  • Codes
  • Original number plate
  • All keys
  • Satnav software
  • Spare wheel and anti-theft bolts
  • Compulsory equipment including a fire extinguisher, warning triangle, first-aid kit and fluorescent vest
  • Original rims

And possibly also:

  • Additional seats
  • Roof rack
  • Luggage screen cover
  • Any other required keys (like one for a towbar)
  • Deliver the car cleaned inside and out
  • Make sure you attend any loss inspection

If you fail to do so, we may charge you a fee.

  • Car not there for collection: €150
  • No vehicle registration certificate: €150
  • Certificate of conformity missing: €150
  • No original number plate: €150
  • Missing keys (at least two must be returned, including the master key): €300
  • No satnav software: €150

VAB Fleet Services will inspect the car in the parking area in Londerzeel. Photos are taken of any visible damage. Any damage other than normal wear and tear is invoiced as post-contractual damage.

In determining the normal wear and tear, KBC Autolease only applies the objective criteria and guidelines of Renta (the Belgian professional association of vehicle lessors) for the evaluation of passenger cars and company cars.

Repair costs are kept low thanks to the use of smart repair techniques, which involve alternative repair methods that offer excellent value for money.

No, that is not possible.

More information

If you have any other questions you would like to ask, feel free to contact KBC Private Lease for further information or to make an appointment.