Open a time deposit account

Open a time deposit account

Already a client of ours?

  • Log in to KBC Touch
  • Click or tap 'Savings & investments' to the left of your screen
  • Click or tap 'Menu' at the top right of your screen
  • Select 'Subscribe to a term investment'
Open a time deposit account
If you don't yet use KBC Touch

Not yet a client of ours?

  • Select an appointment type
  • Look for a branch in your area
  • Pick a time that suits
  • Enter your personal details
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What does long-term saving mean?

Long-term saving schemes give you a nice tax break.

Begin saving for retirement

Save up to 30% in tax each year.

Everything you need to know about saving for your pension

Been saving for your retirement for some time now but still have queries or want to know more? Get answers to your questions.

Security deposit savings account

Keep your security deposit safe and even earn money on it with a KBC Security Deposit Savings Account.
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