A loan for your home interior improvements

KBC Home Interior Loan

A loan for your home interior improvements

KBC Home Interior Loan

Super sharp rate

Take out your loan now at an extra sharp 5.43%* instead of 8.50%!

Fast without having to present invoices

At KBC, we don't ask you for invoices to prove the work so you can quickly start your home interior improvements without further ado.

Spread out your costs

Taking out an instalment loan lets you spread your monthly expenses so you can enjoy your new interior without worrying what it's costing you.

Work out and apply for a loan

Why go for a home interior loan?

Loan for your home interior improvements KBC-home

You give yourself breathing space with a loan for home interior improvements from KBC. It also lets you spread your investment over a longer period of time. It's easy. You simply estimate your costs and apply for the loan. Once you have your loan, you're free to decide where to spend it and you don't need to keep invoices or receipts.  

Even more benefits

  • Work out and apply for a loan online now
  • Apply for your loan by yourself or together with someone else  
  • Get the certainty of a fixed rate of interest
  • Have the option of repaying early

Loan terms and conditions

You must be aged 18 or over to apply for a loan. Applicants choose the amount of their loan which can be for as little as 500 euros or up to 50,000 euros for online applications. If you need to borrow more, just drop by your KBC Bank branch where we'll be happy to help you.


Our minimum term for this type of instalment loan is six months. Our maximum term for this type of instalment loan:

  • Follows the statutory repayment terms
  • May not exceed 120 months

Right of withdrawal

You have 14 calendar days to withdraw from the contract for this instalment loan, starting from the date you and we sign the contract. 

Not just for KBC clients

You don't need to have a current account with us to apply for a loan. To work out and apply for an instalment loan, simply go to our website. However, if you're already with us, calculate your personal rate in KBC Touch.

Details of the home interior loan (instalment loan)

* Representative example: for an instalment loan of 10,500 euros to be repaid over 60 months at a fixed annual debit rate and annual percentage rate of charge of 5.43% , you pay 60 instalments of 199.59 euros per month or 11,975.48 euros in total. Rate applies on 03-05-2017 for an instalment loan used to various personal purposes.


Attention, borrowing money also costs money

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