Green car loan

For environmentally friendly vehicles (electric, plug-in hybrid, CNG)

Green car loan

For environmentally friendly vehicles (electric, plug-in hybrid, CNG)

Preferential interest rate

Borrow at a keen interest rate (1.19%), even if you’re not a KBC client yet.


Contribute to a more liveable world with a green car loan.

Apply simply and quickly

Calculate your green car loan and apply for it online in just a few clicks.

Work out and apply for a green car loan
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Do you want to do your bit for a more liveable world, while still being able to get around freely? Electric, plug-in hybrid or CNG cars are the answer. More environmentally friendly vehicles offer lots of advantages, but they can often be expensive. A green car loan can help you buy your ecological dream car.

A quick reminder of the pros and cons of each engine type

Thinking about buying an ecological car? That’s great! But you should carefully weigh up the pros and cons of each engine type before you decide. We’ve set them out for you below.

  Pros Cons
100% electric
  • no CO2 emissions
  • low noise
  • low fuel consumption
  • low maintenance costs
  • low charging costs
  • no road tax
  • purely electric range up to 300 km
  • more expensive than other models in its class
  • the faster you drive, the lower your range
  • too few charging points at present in Belgium
Electric with range extender
  • low CO2 emissions
  • low noise
  • low fuel consumption
  • low maintenance costs
  • low charging costs
  • no road tax
  • purely electric range up to 500 km
  • less environmentally friendly because of the auxiliary combustion engine
  • extra weight of the auxiliary combustion engine reduces range
Plug-in hybrid
  • battery charging via electrical outlet
  • low consumption over short distances
  • comparable range to a petrol or diesel car
  • no vehicle registration or road tax payable until the end of 2020
  • purely electric range up to 50 km
  • still expensive to buy
  • larger battery takes up a lot of space
  • low maximum speed when driving electrically
  • less beneficial to the environment
  • up to 90% reduction in particle emissions and 30% less CO2
  • CNG is cheaper than petrol or diesel
  • refuelling as fast as petrol or diesel
  • no vehicle registration or road tax payable until the end of 2020
  • range of up to 500 km on natural gas
  • more expensive to buy than petrol car, but often cheaper than diesel or electric equivalents
  • not many refuelling stations yet in Belgium (100) where you can fill up with natural gas

The green car loan: unrestricted and environmentally friendly driving

Buying an ecological car is often expensive. All the same, greener driving need not be out of reach. If you finance your purchase with a green car loan, you can spread the cost over time. That makes the overall cost more manageable and helps you live up to your green resolutions.

You can apply for your green car loan quickly and simply online.

Not a KBC client yet? You can still apply for a green car loan at a keen interest rate.

Pay a fixed rate of interest with no hidden surprises

car loan simulation

The interest rate on your car loan never changes. That means you can be absolutely certain your monthly repayments remain the same for the entire duration of the loan. When you take out a car loan, you’re given a repayment schedule you can use at any time to check how much you have already repaid.

Work out and apply for your loan online

Our KBC Touch and KBC Mobile let you easily work out and apply for your loan. They give you a personal rate right away, just like we do at your branch. We make it easy! Don’t take our word for it though. Ask the more than 80% of our loan applicants who’ve requested their loan online. Have questions or need advice? Our KBC Live is there for you.

Our Touch and Mobile apps also show you full details of your loan. See quickly:

  • How much you have left to pay off
  • When your next repayment is due
  • How long your loan still has to run and what you pay each month

You don’t need to have a current account with us to apply for a car loan. Simply work out your car loan with us on our website.

Repay the same amount every month

When you know how much you want to borrow, you can easily calculate your monthly repayments using our car loan simulator. The amount you repay each month depends on how much you want to borrow and the period over which you wish to repay the loan.

If you need help working out what period to repay the loan over, see our guide to choosing the best repayment plan for you.

Choose the right term

The best term for you will depend on how much you want to borrow and how much you can spare each month. The longer the term, the less you'll have to repay each month and the easier it will be to pay off your loan. The shorter the term of your loan, the more you'll have to repay each month but you'll pay it off sooner and consequently pay less interest. At KBC, the choice is in your hands. 

There are a few legal limits that apply to the term of a loan: these are automatically built into the car loan calculator. 

Amount borrowed
Maximum term
up to 2,500 euros 24 months
up to 3,700 euros 30 months
up to 5,600 euros 36 months
up to 7,500 euros 42 months
up to 10,000 euros 48 months
up to 15,000 euros 60 months
up to 50,000 euros 72 months

Since a new car quickly depreciates in value, our advice is not to take too long to repay the car loan. As a novice driver, it's often the case that you haven't taken out any other loans, but you are more at risk statistically of incurring claims or even a total loss on the vehicle. It's worth remembering that, while you've lost your car in this scenario, you will have to continue paying off your loan. You can take out KBC Car Loan Comprehensive Insurance with us to limit that risk.

Tax return

When substantiating your professional expenses, you can include the interest paid on your car loan for tax purposes.

When do you get your loan?

You are paid your car loan:

  • When your car is delivered
  • Once we have received the relevant signed documents and proof of investment (order form or invoice) from you
  • To the account from which your monthly repayments will be made

When do you start repaying your loan?

You start making your car loan repayments one month after the loan is paid to you. All subsequent monthly repayments will take place on the same day of the month as the initial repayment.


So, if for example your loan is made available on 25 March, then your loan repayments start on 25 April, with remaining repayments scheduled for the 25th of every month.

Account for repaying the loan

If you already have a current account with us, you can repay your loan from that account provided you're the sole or joint holder of the account. The account for repaying the loan must be the same as the one used for disbursing it.

What if you can't repay your loan?

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for?

Car loan details (instalment loan)

Attention, borrowing money also costs money

* Representative example: for an instalment loan of 15,000 euros to be repaid over 60 months at a fixed annual debit rate and annual percentage rate of charge of 1,19% , you pay 60 instalments of 257,60 euros per month or 15.455,46 euros in total.  Rate applies on 09-04-2021 for terms of up to 60 months, for an instalment loan used to finance an environmentally friendly vehicle (electric, plug-in hybrid, CNG). The vehicle must be bought by a private individual.

Read the legal information

Loan for a new car

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Instalment loan financial protection insurance

With our instalment loan financial protection insurance, you or your loved ones won't have to continue paying off your loan if you become unfit for work or die. Check out the conditions.

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