Taking out a loan for a motor home

Taking out a loan for a motor home

Run your simulation online and apply straightaway

You can calculate your loan at the same sharp rate as in your branch. And you can also complete the application procedure online.

Fixed rate of interest

You know in advance exactly how much you have to repay thanks to a fixed rate of interest.

Hold onto your savings reserve

By taking out a loan, you spread the cost of your purchase. So, your savings stay intact to cover any unexpected expenses.

Enjoy getting out and heading for the peace and quiet of the country? A motor home gives you the total freedom to choose where you go, but owning one requires a large investment in the first place. However, you can spread the cost involved by taking out an instalment loan.

You can borrow the full price of what you want to buy

New motor home

If you're looking to buy a new motor home, you can borrow 110% of the purchase price at KBC.

When you buy a motor home, there are often a number of other costs involved, such as the premium for your comprehensive insurance. You can borrow an additional 10% of the purchase price to cover those costs.

Second-hand motor home

If you're planning to buy a second-hand motor home, you can borrow 100% of the purchase price.

What's more, you don't even have to borrow the entire amount in question. If you prefer to pay a portion of the price out of your own pocket, KBC will finance the rest.

A great-value fixed rate

Borrowing at a great-value fixed rate of interest means that the amount you pay off each month remains the same throughout the term of the loan. Therefore, you have a clear idea from the outset of your repayment schedule.

Work out your loan

You can easily work out your loan yourself using our simulator. Just decide whether you want to borrow for a new motor home or a second-hand one and then run your simulation below.

Decide on your own term

Lening voor je mobilhome

If you opt for a shorter term, you pay more principal each month but less interest. The longer the term, the lower your monthly repayments of principal, but the higher your interest payments.

Therefore, you can choose the term and monthly payments that best suit your budget.

Certain legal restrictions apply to the term of a loan and these have been automatically incorporated into the simulation. The following is an overview of these legal restrictions.

Amount borrowed
Maximum term
up to 2,500 euros 24 months
up to 3,700 euros 30 months
up to 5,600 euros 36 months
up to 7,500 euros 42 months
up to 10,000 euros 48 months
up to 15,000 euros 60 months
up to 50,000 euros 72 months

KBC recommends that you limit the term of the loan, if possible, as cars and motor homes quickly depreciate in value. Should your vehicle get damaged or is written off in an accident, you still have to keep paying off your loan. You can limit such a risk by taking out comprehensive insurance.

Hold onto your savings reserve

A loan enables you to spread payments for your motor home and prevents you from dipping into your savings or investment reserves. This means you still have a buffer in place to cover any unexpected expenses.

When do you receive the money you've borrowed?

Je lening voor een mobilhome simuleren

You decide on when you receive the money in question, although the following conditions have to be met:

  • The motor home has been delivered
  • The following documents have arrived with KBC:
  •                         Proof of investment (order form or invoice
  •                         Payslip (if necessary) 

Tip: You can apply for your loan in KBC Touch. You are guaranteed to receive the same personal rate as in the branch and you can easily upload your order form and payslips. Now that's what we call handy! 

Your loan is paid to the account from which your monthly repayments will be made.

When do you start repaying your loan?

You start paying off your motor-home loan in the month after receiving it. All subsequent payments are made on the same day of the month as the initial repayment.

Suppose you received the loan amount from KBC on 5 May. You then pay your first instalment to KBC on 5 June. All subsequent instalments are paid on the fifth day of the month.

Motor-home loan details (instalment loan)

Attention, borrowing money also costs money

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