Guide to KBC Assist

Get answers to frequently asked questions about our KBC Assist app.

Guide to KBC Assist

Get answers to frequently asked questions about our KBC Assist app.

KBC Assist is soon to be discontinued. Don't worry though. You can file insurance claims with us online using %%product.mobilebanking%% and %%product.touch%%. So, bye-bye app clutter, hello all-in-one convenience!

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What KBC Assist is

Have a question about KBC Assist? We're happy to help! On this page you can find answers to frequently asked questions about KBC Assist.

General: KBC Assist and who it's for

Activating the app, choosing a PIN and logging in

Features in connection with your vehicle

Features in connection with your home

Features in connection with your family and leisure activities

Submit your claim

Manage your claims

Weather alert: why am I no longer receiving any weather alerts?

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Data protection


General: KBC Assist and who it's for

1. What is KBC Assist?

KBC Assist is a free app that lets KBC customers easily make home, family or vehicle insurance claims.

Vehicle-related features include the ability to:
– Look up glass-repair workshops
– Get fast assistance in case of a breakdown, accident or theft of your car, whether in Belgium or abroad.

When it comes to your home, you can make a digital record of your insured items so you have a photo of the relevant items to hand if they get damaged or stolen.

KBC Assist also lets you track the status of ongoing claims (relating to your vehicle or legal assistance) and give us certain information.

2. What features does KBC Assist have?

The app lets you securely make home, family and vehicle insurance claims with us. And there are a host of other features:


• Call our assistance helpline right from the app if your vehicle breaks down or you’re involved in an accident (we’ll know immediately who and where you are and the registration number of your car, so you get help quickly and efficiently)
• Deal with glass breakage on your vehicle fast by quickly finding an authorised repairer who’ll settle the bill directly with us (we’ll deal with the admin and charges)
• Tell us right away that your car’s been broken into or stolen (in the event of total theft of your vehicle, we’ll try to help you get back on the road again)
• Take photos of completed accident statements using KBC Assist or the Crashform app and easily send them to us for fast processing
• Inform us that you’ve been in an accident involving a cyclist or pedestrian by taking and sending us a photo of the completed accident statement or entering details in the app
• Tell us of damage caused by forces of nature and send us full claim details for fast processing
• Let us know you’ve collided with an object and send us full claim details for fast processing

Family related:

• Call our personal assistance line directly
• Make a hospitalisation insurance claim 24/7


• Keep an album of photos of the valuables you have at home (resting assured that your photos are stored securely) so that you can prove their original state if they’re damaged or stolen

Ongoing claims

‘Ongoing claims’ lets you complete and send us claims you started earlier and view claims you’ve already made.

• It also lets you track legal assistance and vehicle insurance claims. Each claim history is shown in timeline steps, so you always know what happened when and the status of your claim. Sometimes you’ll also be asked to do things under steps shown in pink.
• When claiming on your vehicle insurance, you can even do things like send us account numbers or choose a repairer.

3. Who is KBC Assist for?

The app is intended for customers who have home, family and vehicle insurance policies with us.

4. Can I use KBC Assist on any smartphone?

The app is available for iOS and Android phones with a compatible operating system:

  • iOS 8 or higher
  • Android 4.0.3 or higher

5. How do I activate KBC Assist?

There are two ways for you to do this, both of which – among other things – entail us verifying your identity:

1. Activation using KBC Mobile
For this, we use the security features (PIN) in KBC Mobile. However, the KBC Mobile app first has to be installed on your device and you have to have registered for KBC Mobile, too.

2. Activation using a login code
By using a one-off activation code which you can get through KBC Assist by text or e-mail. You then use this code in KBC Assist to activate the app.

6. Does KBC Assist come for free?

Yes, KBC Assist is a free app available to our customers.

Note: If you use the features over a Wi-Fi connection or your mobile phone operator’s network, additional charges may apply. Note also that any phone calls you make from abroad will be more expensive than those made from within Belgium. If you are abroad and use specific features that require you to connect to the Internet (like accessing a map or transferring your details), your provider will also charge you additional data-roaming costs. All telephone costs and data-traffic charges are paid by the user.

7. Can I also install the KBC Assist app if I´m not a KBC client?

No, you can't. You must be a KBC client to be able to use KBC Assist. If you're not a client, you can open an account via the KBC website or through the KBC Mobile app and in this way automatically become a client.

8. Can I also use KBC Assist if I´m a client but haven´t taken out any insurance at KBC?

Yes you can, though KBC Assist is designed to provide you with an overview of your insurance and to allow you to do such things as submit claims.

9. Can the members of my family also use KBC Assist for insurance policies taken out in my name?

Yes, if they’re named as regular drivers on the policy, are customers with us and have installed and activated KBC Assist.

10. Will the app also show me all the details of my policies?

The aim of the app is not to tell you all your insurance details. For that, you can contact your insurance sales point or view the summary of your policies using KBC Touch or KBC Mobile.

11. How can I get KBC Assist?

Download KBC Assist from Apple’s App Store or Google Play. Start up the app and carry out the activation procedure described below.

Activating the app, choosing a PIN and logging in

1. What do I need, as a client, to be able to use KBC Assist?

You need to register with us to use our Assist app. You can do so using our Mobile app, whose security features we use for this purpose. Our Mobile app must therefore be installed and activated on your phone. If you don’t have our Mobile app yet, you can also request a one-off login code using KBC Assist.

2. How do I go about requesting my one-off login code?

Once you’ve downloaded our Assist app and chosen your preferred language, select ‘Login using login code’ and enter your personal details. Your code will then be sent to you by text message or e-mail.

3. How do I enter my one-off login code now that I´ve received it?

To use your one-off login code, open KBC Assist and select ‘Login with using login code’. Enter your login code in the next screen and tap ‘Activate the KBC Assist app’. You’ll then be asked to accept the terms of use.

After authentication, you can set a new PIN. This can be the same PIN as the one you use for KBC Mobile. You can also log in with your fingerprint and even facial recognition, if your phone supports it.

4. I am being asked to choose a PIN for KBC Assist. May I use the one I have for KBC Mobile?

Yes, but you don't have to. You are free to choose any five-character PIN you want.

5. Can I use KBC Assist immediately after activating it?

Once you’ve completed the activation procedure (you only need to do this once), you can start using the app straight away. 

6. Can I use KBC Assist on more than one device?

Yes, you can. To operate on an additional device, carry out the registration procedure again. After that, you can use KBC Assist on each of the devices. 

7. I’ve forgotten my PIN. What should I do?

Select the menu icon on the start screen and then 'Forgotten PIN', which lets you carry out the registration procedure again. 

8. Can I change my PIN without having to go through the activation procedure again?

Yes, you can. Log in, select the menu icon and then 'Change PIN'.

9. Can I change the language preference after activation?

Yes, you can. Before logging in, select the menu icon and then 'Change language'. 

10. Do I have to register so I can ask for fast assistance?

If you need urgent help, you can call KBC Assistance without logging in. Select the menu icon and then 'Contact'.

Features in connection with your vehicle

1. My vehicle´s been damaged in an accident. How can the app help me?

1. If there are casualties, you can call the police and emergency services.
2. If your vehicle breaks down after the accident, you can call our assistance helpline to send a rescue truck.
3. If your vehicle has been stolen and you urgently need transport, you can call our assistance helpline.
4. If any other vehicles were involved, you and the other party have to complete a European accident statement. Take a few relevant photos of the situation.
5. If no other vehicle was involved, carefully note the situation and the damage.
6. Also note the contact details of any other parties and witnesses.
7. Send your notes and/or the completed European accident statement to us using the app.

2. How do I use this app to complete a European accident statement if I´ve had an accident?

You can do this in one of two ways:

Use our Assist app

Take a photo of the completed paper form. To do this, go to ‘Traffic accident’ > ‘Accident involving another vehicle’ or ‘Accident involving a cyclist or pedestrian’. The form will be sent when you finish filing your claim. We’ll then open a claim and take over the admin work for you.

Use the Crashform app (for iPhone and Android smartphones only)

If you’ve installed this app on your phone, details of your insurance with us will be filled in automatically in the form. All other information and any drawings can also be registered electronically using this app.

Once you’ve sent details of your accident using Crashform, they’ll be transferred to us and you’ll receive an e-mail confirming this. We’ll then open a claim and take over the admin work for you.

3. What is Crashform?

This free app is the electronic version of the European accident statement.
You have to download and install this app, which is only available for iOS and Android devices.

4. My vehicle won´t start following a breakdown or accident. How can I use the app to call for roadside assistance?

If you've broken down, select 'Breakdown'. We'll request your location and check your details. The app will then get your phone to automatically call the right number. Afterwards, the app sends details to KBC Assistance over Wi-Fi or over the telephone network. When the roadside assistance service answers, they'll see the details you've sent through.

5. I have broken glass and am insured for this. How can the app help me?

Select ‘Vehicle’ > ‘Glass breakage’ to easily find and contact a repair workshop. We’ll deal with the admin and charges for you. 

6. My vehicle has been broken into. How can the app help me?

Select ‘Vehicle’ > ‘Theft’ to let us know and report your claim. We’ll then open a claim for you. If you already have a police report number, add this information as well.

7. My vehicle has been stolen. How can the app help me?

Select ‘Vehicle’ > ‘Theft’ to inform us of the theft. You can call KBC Assistance directly and they’ll handle your claim from there. 

8. What is the advantage of contacting the assistance helpline using the app?

You don’t need to search for the assistance provider's contact details. Instead, you are connected immediately to the appropriate VAB assistance provider and avoid having to go through the helpline option menus. The VAB assistance provider immediately sees several basic details in their system that will allow them to identify the call, including who you are, where you’re calling from, what the problem is, and what is covered by insurance. They'll quickly do what's needed and make sure someone's quickly with you. 

9. If I call, will I get through to VAB or KBC Assistance?

KBC works in partnership with VAB. Normally speaking, you'll be connected to VAB, but you may be directed to KBC Assistance in some cases. This is a choice made by the app that is dependent on your actual situation. 

10. Will I get someone on the line if I call using the KBC Assistance number?

You'll always get someone on the line. It is not the app's purpose to eliminate personal telephone contact, as it can be helpful to speak to the assistance provider, particularly in the event of an emergency. Instead, it is designed to make things easier for you in the event of an emergency and allow you to get in contact with an assistance provider quickly and efficiently.

11. I need legal assistance. How can the app help me?

In this case, contact the insurance agent dealing with your claim to find out what needs to be done. You'll find your agent's details in the app under 'Contact KBC'. You can then send them a message under 'Vehicle' > 'Accident' > 'Other loss or damage'. 

12. I have a limited form of legal assistance insurance, e.g., no cover within Belgium. Can I still use KBC Assist?

Yes, you can. The app checks what cover you have and tells you what it is in clear terms. The features are accessible depending on the terms of your policy. 

13. I´m insured for breakdowns whilst I´m abroad. Can I also request breakdown assistance if I´m in Belgium?

Yes, but we don’t cover the costs. 

14. I´m not insured for breakdowns. Can I still use the app to request breakdown assistance?

Yes, you can. But you must have your vehicle insured with KBC. If you're not insured, you can call the assistance helpline, who will send breakdown assistance. But the costs will not be covered by KBC.

15. My claim’s timeline has a few lines that are pink. What does that mean?

The timeline shows you how your claim is progressing and what still needs to be done. Pink lines with an exclamation mark (!) mean you need to do something. Once you’ve done it, the line turns white and the step is shown as completed. The top of the timeline tells you how many things you still have to do. Your claim shown in the main ‘Ongoing claims’ view will also display a red notification badge with the number of things you still need to do. 

Feature in connection with your home

1. I´ve suffered damage to my home. How can the app help me?

Under 'Home', you can inform KBC of your loss or damage. Select 'Submit claim' and answer all the questions. Add any photos that are relevant. Your claim will be sent to your contact person, who will open a claim file and follow it up.

2. What´s the `Album of photos of valuables´?

Under 'Home', you can also create an album with photos of your valuables. It means you always have evidence available of their original condition in case of damage, theft or loss. You can add the photos to claims under the policy where you're insured (under 'Home' > 'Submit claim'). Note that the photos are securely stored on a central KBC server (and not on the device itself).
But note: valuables you photograph and add to the album are not automatically insured under your policy. If you want to know what is and isn't insured, we advise you to contact your insurance intermediary.

3. How do I add photos from my `Album of photos of valuables´ to my insurance claim?

You can only do this if you have a policy under 'Home'. Select 'Home', opt for 'Submit claim', and then answer the questions relating to a claim. When you get to the screen where you can enter a description, you can also add photos. You'll be asked whether you want to take a photo yourself or add one from your phone or from your 'Album of photos of valuables'.

4. The app says that I can add photos if I want. But when´s it advisable to do so?

Try and keep photos to those that add value to your description. For example, a general view of the scene of an accident can be useful.

Features in connection with your family and leisure activities

1. There´s been an insured incident involving me or a member of my family. How can the app help me?

Under 'Family', you can inform KBC of your loss or damage. Select 'Submit claim' and answer all the questions. Add any photos that are relevant. Your claim will be sent to your contact person, who will open a claim file and follow it up.

2. I urgently need personal assistance

Under 'Family', there is an 'Assistance' icon. Select it to call for personal assistance.

3. I or a member of my family need to go to hospital. Can I notify this using this app?

Yes, if you have hospitalisation insurance with us. Go to ‘Family’ to see your insurance details and policy number. Tap your policy to start a claim 24/7.

4. I can´t see an `Assistance´ or `Hospitalisation´ icon.

That means that you don't have hospitalisation insurance with us or that you're not insured with us for personal assistance. But if you have questions about this, please get in touch with your insurance intermediary.

5. The app says that I can add photos if I want. But when´s it advisable to do so?

Try and keep photos to those that add value to your description. For example, a general view of the scene of an accident can be useful.

Submitting your claim

1. What happens if I submit a claim using the app?

Your agent or contact person receives the claim and, as soon as possible, will examine what steps need to be taken; they’ll then contact you if necessary. Further follow-up on your claim is done by your agent. If you have questions in that respect, you can contact them.

Under ‘Ongoing claims’, you’ll see which agent you can contact.
You’ll also receive an e-mail showing the details you’ve filled in and any added photos. Here, too, you’ll see who you can contact.
The app also lets you track vehicle and legal assistance insurance claims.

2. I´ve submitted my claim but want to ask something else or add some information. How do I find out who to contact?

Under ‘Ongoing claims’, you’ll see who you need to contact for the claim you’ve submitted. You also receive a confirmation e-mail. In it, you’ll see who you can contact.

3. How can I be sure my claim has been submitted?

Under ‘Ongoing claims’ in the app, you have a summary of the claims you’ve submitted. In addition, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail.

4. How long do I have to wait for an answer once I´ve submitted a claim?

Usually, your contact handles your claim immediately and will contact you as soon as possible by phone or e-mail. In certain cases, it may take a few days. But be sure to contact your agent or the assistance helpline if you've got urgent questions.

5. When will my claim be handled and how long does the process take?

That’s very dependent on your claim. Your agent will probably start handling your claim straight away. Depending on your claim, this may be completed within a few days. However, in very complicated cases involving a lot of parties, it can take months. Your contact can tell you more about progress in handling your claim.

The app lets you track legal assistance and vehicle insurance claims, showing the steps taken chronologically and the claim’s current status. You can also use the app to give us a lot of the information we need. 

Managing your claims

1. Can I save a claim and complete it later?

Yes. Close the claim you’re working on (by selecting the cross). You’ll then be asked to save the claim. You can then find it again under ‘Ongoing claims’ in the start screen.

2. Can I locate the claim I´ve submitted?

Yes. The app shows you a list of all claims you’ve submitted (under ‘Ongoing claims’). Note that this just gives you a summary, not the details you filled in. However, these will be included in the e-mail we send you.

3. How do I delete claims?

Incomplete claims can be deleted by selecting the red trash can next to the claim you want to delete under ‘Unsent claims’. Claims you’ve submitted can’t be deleted.

Data protection

1. If I choose to enter my mobile number privately in my smartphone’s settings (i.e. not in the app itself), will telephone-related features still work?

In that case, you will still be able to use the app to contact the assistance provider and transmit your details. However, please note that this means the VAB operator will not be able to link all data automatically and will need to complete one further action during the telephone call.

2. What personal details are retrieved in the app?

For an optimum user experience, we retrieve a summary of the insurance policies that you can claim under. For the same reason, we retrieve certain of your contact details and the contact details of your insurance agent.

3. Are banking details also shown in the app, such as my current accounts?

No, this app deals with insurance first and foremost. Banking details are not retrieved.

4. Are my details retrieved securely in the app? And are they secured on my device?

Yes. They’re retrieved using a secure connection. You always have to identify yourself to gain access to your personal details in the app.

5. Can I, or should I, take measures to protect the general data stored on my smartphone?

Yes. You'll find extensive info on this page on secure use of your smartphone.

6. Is my data protected during transmission to the assistance helpline/VAB?

Yes. Your data is sent over a secure network connection.

7. Is my data protected at the assistance helpline/VAB?

Yes, it is. Once your data has been received by the assistance helpline/VAB, it becomes subject to the VAB security rules. These rules are designed to ensure that unauthorised persons do not gain access to the data received or created during the telephone call and any follow-up contact.

8. Will the assistance helpline/VAB pass on my data to any third parties? If so, which data?

Yes, we forward the data required to locate and assist you and to complete any further administrative processing to the specific assistance providers in the appropriate locations (including VAB breakdown services and local garages contacted).

9. Where can I find more information about data protection?

More information is available in VAB's privacy statement, which you can find in the KBC Assist conditions of use. 

10. Are the photos that I store in my `Album of photos of valuables´ stored securely?

Yes, they're stored on a secure server at KBC and not separately on the device itself. You should therefore delete any photos from your smartphone's personal album if you don't want them stored on your smartphone.


1. I´m having technical problems with the app or during registration. Who can I contact?

You can call the KBC-Helpdesk in this case. Before logging in, select the menu icon and then 'Contact'.

2. I need urgent assistance, but I can´t log in to look up the number.

Before logging in, select the menu icon and then 'Contact'. In this case, call the assistance helpline.

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