Family insurance

Our KBC Family Insurance covers you and your family for personal liability claims made against you by a third party. Get it through KBC Touch in just 3 minutes.

Your family insurance

The KBC Family Insurance covers you and those who live with you for loss, damage or injury you cause to other individuals in the private sphere. Take out your family insurance online in just three minutes.

Help when claiming under your family insurance

If you have to claim for your family, your family insurance is there for you! Get full details.

Insure your holidays and enjoy yourself without any worries

Enjoy worry-free holidays. KBC Holiday Insurance is a tailor-made policy that covers you temporarily for the duration of your trip

Save for your hospitalisation premiums

Save now to pay the premium for your hospitalisation insurance later. Useful, even if you're currently insured through your work.

Insurance for hospitalisation and serious illnesses

Protect yourself and your family against the financial consequences of hospitalisation.

Help with hospitalisation

What should I do before, during or after hospitalisation?

Life insurance

Financial protection for your family should you die.

Funeral Insurance

Insure your funeral costs and spare your loved ones financial worries.

Carefree browsing

Protect yourself against the consequences of Internet fraud, online identity theft and cyber bullying.

Questions about your travel insurance?

You can find the answer here.

Insure your family

Insure your family:
- damage caused to someone else
- hospitalisation insurance
- accident insurance

Insure your family against the financial consequences of your death

Insure your family against the financial consequences of your death

Your personal accident insurance

KBC's personal accident insurance also provides compensation for the expenses that your health insurance and hospitalisation insurance don't cover following an accident. Learn more

Optional legal assistance cover (tax-deductible)

The optional legal assistance cover under our family insurance policy qualifies you for tax relief of 124 euros. See how