Financially healthy

KBC Care Plan

Financially healthy

KBC Care Plan

Permanent peace of mind

If you ever have long-term care needs later in life, then the KBC Care Plan will look after your and your family's financial health.

Bridge the first period

Once you've been recognised as having severe, long-term care needs, you can withdraw your accumulated savings reserve to financially bridge the first period.

Lifelong payout

After a waiting period (dependent on how old you are when you start the plan), KBC will pay 500, 1,000 or 1,500 euros a month for the rest of your life.

Why choose a KBC Care Plan?

Average life expectancy in Belgium is steadily increasing. Unfortunately, for many, that means they will have care needs in later life. With a KBC Care Plan, you can insure yourself against the rapidly rising costs that that can entail.

Your care is our concern.

Medical and permanent care without financial worries

The KBC Care Plan is a guaranteed-interest (class 21) savings insurance scheme with additional care-needs cover.

You can count on a KBC Care Plan if, at a later stage in your life, you're in severe, long-term need of care. Our Care Plan gives you financial peace of mind, wherever you might be (at home or in an assisted living or residential care home) and whoever cares for you (family or professional carers). It makes no difference whether you need care because it's your physical faculties that have deteriorated or your mental ones (such as dementia). Our Care Plan can be taken out on top of Flemish care insurance.

How the KBC Care Plan works

When you take out a KBC Care Plan, you select the additional monthly amount you think you'll require if you're in severe need of long-term care. You can choose among payouts of 500 euros, 1,000 euros or 1,500 euros a month.

Depending on the formula you go for and your age when starting your care plan, you pay the agreed one-off amount into your KBC Care Plan.

You can then cash in some or all of the reserve you build up this way without charge after a severe, long-term need for care has been recognised by the insurer. This sum helps you to bridge the initial period financially. After a so called deferment period (which lasts no less than 22 and no longer than 34 months), KBC pays you the amount you've selected for the rest of your life  (500, 1,000 or 1,500 euros), which is paid out under the additional care-needs cover included in your KBC Care Plan.

Main features

  • The purpose of a KBC Care Plan is to set aside an agreed amount in a guaranteed-interest savings insurance plan. After deducting taxes and charges, interest accrues at a guaranteed rate, and this is added to the reserve under the policy. The premium for the additional care-needs cover is taken from the reserve under your KBC Care Plan.
  • The deposit amount is an agreed sum dependent on your age when you start the plan and the level of the lifetime payout in the event of care needs
  • KBC Insurance recognises your care needs if they are determined by a doctor and there is no prospect of recovery. The need for permanent medical care must be determined by a KBC Insurance consulting doctor. Once this is done, you can take out all or part of the amount saved free of charge.
  • Withholding tax is only due if the reserve is drawn against within the first eight years. This also applies to withdrawals from the reserve to finance the premium for the additional care-needs cover. As of 1 January 2017, the withholding tax is 30% and is due on a fictional calculation basis in which the deposits bear deemed interest of 4.75%. Tax treatment may change in the future
  • The reserve can also be withdrawn before your care needs are recognised, in which case you pay charges of 5%. That then means that the policy is terminated, which also puts a stop to the care-needs insurance.
  • In the event of death, the reserve will be paid out to the beneficiary named under the guaranteed-interest savings insurance. You name that beneficiary yourself.
  • You pay 3% entry charges on the initial deposit, after deduction of insurance tax. We do not apply any management fees to the KBC Care Plan.

More things you need to know

  • The KBC Care Plan is guaranteed-interest (class 21) savings insurance with supplementary care-needs insurance, under which the investment risk is borne by KBC Insurance.
  • This product is covered by the Belgian deposit-protection scheme for guaranteed-interest life insurance (class 21). The scheme is triggered if it is established that KBC Insurance has defaulted. The protection currently amounts to 100 000 euros per policyholder for all reserves combined that are held with KBC Insurance under protected guaranteed-interest life insurance contracts. The interest guarantee is limited up to the insured person's 110th birthday. The insurance ends when the insured person dies or upon full surrender.
  • Insurance tax of 2% is due by Belgian inhabitants.
  • The lifelong monthly payout that you are entitled to under the additional care-needs cover is not liable to tax. Deposited premiums do not qualify for tax relief. The tax treatment depends on your personal situation and may change in the future.
  • The product is intended for insured persons aged 40 to 66, subject to medical acceptance by the insurer.
  • On 1 January 2016, the interest rate is 1.90%, guaranteed from the first banking day after receipt of the agreed deposit for as long as the contract is running, but not after 31 December of the year in which the insured person turns 110 years of age. If the contract continues beyond that time, the insurer may apply a different interest rate for the remainder of the term. The guaranteed rate may change for future payments.
  • This product is governed by the laws of Belgium.
  • Your intermediary is your first point of contact for any complaints you may have. If no agreement can be reached, you can contact KBC Complaints Management, Brusselsesteenweg 100, 3000 Leuven,, tel. 0800 62 084 (free number) or 078 15 20 45 (pay number), fax 016 86 30 38. If you cannot find a suitable solution, you can contact the Insurance Ombudsman, which serves the whole industry, De Meeûsplantsoen 35, 1000 Brussels, e-mail, website
  • This does not affect your right to take legal action.

The KBC Care Plan is a product of KBC Insurance NV – Professor Roger Van Overstraetenplein 2 – 3000 Leuven – Belgium –
VAT No. BE 0403.552.563 – RLP Leuven – IBAN BE43 7300 0420 0601 – BIC KREDBEBB
Company licensed by the National Bank of Belgium, de Berlaimontlaan 14, 1000 Brussels, Belgium, for all classes of insurance under code 0014 (Royal Decree of 4 July 1979, Belgian Official Gazette of 14 July 1979).
Member of the KBC Group

Detailed information on this product can be found in the product fact sheet and in the key information document

  • product fact sheet
  • key information
  • information document

Further information on the conditions for recognising severe, long-term care needs can be found in the general conditions, which are available from your KBC intermediary.


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