Funeral Insurance

Spare your loved ones financial worries

Funeral Insurance

Spare your loved ones financial worries

Peace of mind

If something happens unexpectedly, an amount is already set aside for financing the funeral. Your next of kin do not need to have recourse to their inheritance if the sum insured is sufficient to cover the costs of the funeral.

Direct payment to the undertaker

KBC pays the funeral expenses directly to the undertaker up to the insured amount. Any remaining balance will go to your heirs.

Own choice of undertaker

You and your family are free to choose an undertaker.

What is KBC Funeral Insurance?

KBC Funeral Insurance is a lifelong class 21 death insurance policy that covers funeral costs. Upon your death, KBC pays the funeral expenses directly to the undertaker up to the insured amount. Any remaining balance will be paid out to the estate. The contract may be entered into by natural persons with a normal place of residence in Belgium.

Sum insured: free choice

You choose the amount of your funeral insurance capital. In other words, the insured sum can be anything between a minimum of €4,000 and a maximum of €10,000. If you opt for monthly premiums, your capital can be indexed. This means it increases by 2% of your chosen amount of capital each year. The advantage of this is that the insured amount increases in line with the rising cost of funerals.

Premium: two options

For this insurance policy, you either pay fixed monthly premiums over 15 years or a single premium (mandatory for insured persons over the age of 65 and a half). This means that you know exactly what you have to pay as soon as your insurance policy starts.

Payment to the undertaker

KBC will settle the funeral bill directly with the undertaker. KBC pays the first funeral bill it receives within 45 days of the insured person's death up to the amount of the insured sum. And if there is still a balance remaining, it will be left to the estate. If we do not receive an invoice within 45 days, we pay out the sum insured to the estate.

Last will and testament

You probably trust that your family or friends will organise a fitting funeral for you. But in many cases, the finer details are not always discussed. If it is important to you that your funeral and the associated arrangements go as you would have wanted, it is a good idea to set the details out in a last will and testament. With this document, you can inform your loved ones of your personal wishes in relation to your funeral.

Tax advantages

There is no tax relief on the premiums. You do not pay withholding tax unless the policy is surrendered during the first eight years. However, an insurance tax of 2% will apply to additional deposits.

What is excluded?

Just as with any insurance policy, there are also exclusions here. These include

  • Death of the insured person by suicide in the first year of the contract. Euthanasia according to the legal provisions is not an exclusion, however
  • Death of the insured person as a consequence of an act of violence or active participation in events of war

More things you need to know

  • %%bank.uitvaartverzekering%% is governed by the laws of Belgium.
  • Future tax treatment can change and depends on your individual circumstances. Your intermediary will be glad to give you bespoke advice in this respect.
  • Term: lifelong. The sum insured will be paid out upon the death of the insured person, regardless of when this occurs.
  • Taking out a KBC Funeral Insurance is subject to a medical acceptance procedure based on a short medical statement. At the time the insurance is taken out, the insured person must not yet have turned 76.
  • Your intermediary is your first point of contact if you have any questions or complaints. If you have any complaints, you can also contact, tel. 0800 62 084 (free) or contact the Belgian Insurance Ombudsman, de Meeûsplantsoen 35, 1000 Brussels,

To get a KBC Funeral Insurance quote, you can always contact your KBC intermediary.

Detailed information on this product can be found in the product fact sheet and in the financial fact sheet, which we recommend you read carefully before taking out this product.

  • Product fact sheet
  • Financial fact sheet


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