An insurance policy in each sphere

An insurance policy in each sphere

One insurance policy in each sphere is sufficient

If you have policies in each of the following three spheres, you benefit from extra advantages.

1. The Home/Business Property* sphere includes

* The premium for the home policy/business property insurance has to amount to at least 150 euros a year (excluding taxes and contributions) or 100 euros a year (excluding taxes and contributions) if you also have accident insurance covering bodily injury (KBC Accident Insurance, KBC Personal Insurance, KBC Road Traffic Insurance or KBC Accident Insurance for occupants).

Learn more by popping along to your Insurance Expert.

2. The Family/Business Operations/Personnel sphere includes

3. The Mobility sphere includes

This concept is aimed at non-life insurance taken out with KBC Insurance in which the policyholder is a natural person. Insurance policies in which the policyholder is a legal person are not taken into consideration We keep account of active policies or policies with a starting date up to 15 months in the future. We do not include policies that are suspended or that are set aside or termination within 12 months.

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