KBC Assist

Help at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere!

KBC Assist

Help at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere!

Stay ahead of severe weather with free alerts

Get warned of severe weather before it strikes and useful tips for limiting damage.

Do it all digitally with paperless paperwork

Our handy mobile app saves you time and admin.

Keep an online photo album of your valuable items

Have access anywhere to photos of your most-prized possessions if they get lost or stolen and easily add them to your online claim.

What KBC Assist is

tap freezing

It can happen any time: a motor accident or damage to your car or house, you could be broken into and burgled or need urgent help from our assistance hotline.

There's no predicting it, and it'd be nice to offload some of that stress. Sometimes you're unsure who to contact and how.

That's why there's now KBC Assist.
Our smartphone app lets you easily

  • Report accidents and other loss or damage
    KBC takes care of all the back-office administrative hassle for you
  • Get in direct contact with your insurance agent, KBC Assist or VAB (if you have a breakdown)
  • Keep an album with photos of your valuables
    If your property is lost or stolen, your can identify it using the photos in the album
KBC Assist now also gives you free weather alerts for where you are. You also get practical damage prevention tips for securing your home, garden and vehicles.

Who KBC Assist is for

As a private client of KBC, you can use KBC Assist for free if you have any non-life insurance policy with us

If you drive a KBC Autolease vehicle, you can also use our KBC Autolease app

Here's how you get KBC Assist

1. Download KBC Assist free to your smartphone

(Weather alerts are not available in the Windows Phone version of the app)

2. Register just once using KBC Mobile or a login code

Registering is easy with KBC Mobile on your phone. Just tap ‘Log in with KBC Mobile ’ in the first screen and KBC Assist  will automatically connect to KBC Mobile .

You can also register with us without having installed KBC Mobile by tapping ‘Log in without KBC Mobile ’ in the first screen. If you're on an iPhone, you can continue to register using your debit card and card reader.

Alternatively, both iPhone and Android phone users can opt to request a login code to register (we need to have valid details for you to send you a login code).

3. Start using KBC Assist

Now you can use you smartphone to file claims for accidents and damage under three headings: 'Vehicle', 'Home' and 'Family'.


Claim under 'Vehicle'

Use KBC Assist on your smartphone to file a claim for

  • Accidents
  • Mechanical breakdown
  • Glass breakage
  • Theft

Do you have an accident involving another vehicle? Fill in a European Accident Statement easily online with Assuralia's Crashform app. Install it today so you're ready to react if you're involved in an accident. Use the link from KBC Assist to Crashform to have your details filled in for you. KBC Assist lets you inform and, if necessary, file an insurance claim with us directly – all right from your phone. See how it works.

If you're stranded due to a breakdown or accident.
Call VAB Assistance. They'll know exactly where you are and send help.

If you have a broken windscreen or windows, the app shows you at-a-glance contact details for the nearest Carglass or other glass repair service.

Claim under 'Home'

Easily send us a brief description and digital photos of the damage if you have a claim under your home insurance. We do the rest!

Claim under 'Family'

If you or a family member has an accident or cause loss or damage to others and you're insured for it, you can also easily file an online claim with us by simply sending us a short description and a few photos.

Claim under your hospitalisation or personal assistance insurance

If you've been hospitalised and want to notify us or you require urgent personal assistance, no problem – all the contact details you need are in the app.

Weather alerts

Prevention is better than cure. That's we've added a great new weather alerts feature to KBC Assist, giving you free personalised weather alerts when bad weather like storms, snow or hail is on its way to where you are. It also tells you how you can protect yourself and your property against bad weather conditions in advance. Forewarned is forearmed.

If the worst happens and you suffer damage, simply file a claim with us right from the app.

Your claim is automatically e-mailed to your insurance agent

Once you file a claim using KBC Assist, your KBC insurance contact gets an e-mail with all the relevant information, enabling them (and the people at VAB Breakdown Assistance in some cases) to start processing the claim. You also receive an e-mail confirmation.

Learn more or get help on KBC Assist

Check out our at-a-glance FAQs page.

More info

  • KBC Assist Terms & Conditions

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