What should you do in the event of glass breakage?

What should you do in the event of glass breakage?

You choose the KBC repair network

You choose Carglass

  • Make an appointment with Carglass by calling 0800 166 16 or via carglass.be
  • You can also do this via your KBC Insurance agent or 24+ (0800 964 64 (free number))
  • KBC pays the invoice directly to Carglass - you do not have to pay anything yourself. However, if you are liable to VAT then you pay the recoverable VAT

You choose your own repairer

  • Get in touch with your KBC Insurance agent or with 24+ (0800 964 64 (free number))
  • KBC arranges an assessor's report
  • You pay the invoice in advance. KBC does not reimburse either the deductible specified in your contract or the recoverable VAT

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