The new motor vehicle insurance certificate is now printed on white paper

The new motor vehicle insurance certificate is now printed on white paper

From 1 July 2020, the form of the international motor vehicle insurance card, better known as your vehicle's insurance certificate or 'green card', is changing. Each newly issued certificate of insurance

  • will no longer be green and double-sided, but a single-sided white document with black letters.
  • may be delivered digitally too.

How to find your insurance certificate in KBC Touch

How to find your insurance certificate in KBC Mobile

Immediately available and always near at hand

Because we're increasingly focusing on digital communication at KBC, we'll gradually make the insurance certificate available digitally in KBC Mobile and KBC Touch as from 1 July 2020.

This has various benefits:

  • When the old version of your insurance certificate expires, the new version appears immediately in KBC Mobile and KBC Touch.
  • You always have your insurance certificate at hand and you can never lose it.
  • You can consult your insurance certificate quickly and easily in KBC Mobile and KBC Touch, no matter where you are.
  • You're doing your bit for the environment.

Een voorbeeld van de nieuwe 'witte kaart'.

We're building in a transitional period

To ensure a smooth transition, the government decided that both the 'green card' and the 'white card' will be accepted as valid insurance certificates until 31 December 2021. After this transitional period, only the digital and paper 'white cards' will remain valid.

The transition at KBC

  • Your 'green card' will remain valid until its expiry date. Then you'll receive your 'white card' from us.
  • As from 1 July 2020 until 30 June 2021, you'll receive the new, white insurance certificate in paper by post and digitally* in KBC Mobile and KBC Touch.
  • After 30 June 2021, you'll only receive the digital version of the white insurance certificate in KBC Mobile and KBC Touch.

The digital version of the insurance certificate is only available for private customers.

* You'll receive a notification when the digital insurance certificate is available and explaining where you can find it quickly.

A few more useful tips

Tip 1: Police inspection, accident or vehicle inspection?

You are always required to have your insurance certificate at hand. The digital version suffices and is much more convenient and faster.

Tip 2: Easy to forward

An insurance certificate is linked to a vehicle and not to a person, so if you let someone else drive your vehicle, you have to provide that person with the insurance certificate. It's really easy to do this digitally.

Tip 3. Powers of attorney

If you've given someone a power of attorney for your insurance, that person can also see the insurance certificate in KBC Touch and KBC Mobile, and they don't have to take any further action.

Tip 4: Going abroad

If you're planning a trip abroad, it's best to make a print-out of your insurance certificate on white paper to avoid any surprises.

Tip 5: Save it off-line

You can also keep a copy of your insurance certificate offline by downloading it and saving it to your files. Usefull for whenever you don't have an Internet connection.

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