Third-party liability - compulsory car insurance

KBC Vehicle Insurance

Third-party liability - compulsory car insurance

KBC Vehicle Insurance

Discount for safe drivers

We believe good drivers deserve a discount. If you drive without causing any at-fault accidents for a full year, you will receive a 10% discount on your compulsory third-party liability insurance.

Leave the paperwork for your new car up to us

Just bought a new car? We’ll arrange your car’s registration and new registration plate, and contact you when your car is ready to go.

If your children are learning to drive, they are also covered

If you include your son or daughter in your car insurance policy, they will be covered as a new driver in your policy.

If you have a car, you are required by law to take out third-party liability insurance. This insurance will cover any damage you cause to others with your car, but not the damage to your own car.

The third-party liability insurance is valid in Belgium and all countries not crossed out on your international motor vehicle insurance certificate (the ‘green card’ that you must have in your vehicle at all times).

Why take out third-party liability insurance with us?

1. Even the best drivers can cause accidents. But don’t worry; your premium won’t go through the roof if you do.

We no longer apply a no-claims bonus system. Instead, we reward good drivers with benefits, such as a joker and a discount on their third-party liability insurance. Because even the best drivers can get into an accident.

No-claims joker

KBC rewards you with a joker after not filing any at-fault claims for five consecutive years. If you do end up in an accident in which you were at fault, you can use your joker to avoid a premium increase. You can earn back your joker if you do not file any claims for five consecutive years and provided you were insured during this period. This way your premium stays the same in the unfortunate event that you are involved in an accident one time only.

Discount on your third-party liability insurance

Your good driving habits will also earn you a 10% discount on your compulsory third-party liability insurance. If you cause an accident but don’t have a joker, this discount will be forfeited for a full year.You will receive the discount again if you do not file any claims for one full year.

2. Life-long insurance guarantee: ensures that you remain insured later in life

If you’re aged between 55 and 65, have been a client with KBC Insurance for five years or more and haven’t had an accident in the last five years, you are entitled to our life-long insurance guarantee. You can rest assured that your compulsory third-party liability insurance will not be cancelled – even in the event of a claim.

3. If your son or daughter is learning to drive, they are covered as well.

Your car insurance also has certain benefits for your children as they learn to drive:

  • KBC Start2Drive cover allows you to include your children in your car insurance as they learn to drive. And no extra premium applies for a period of 24 months after they have obtained their provisional driving licence.
  • KBC MyFirstCar gives your children their own inexpensive car insurance in their own name.

What is covered?

  • Loss, damage or injury you cause with your vehicle to third parties, both material (e.g., exterior damage, damage to buildings, etc.) and physical (i.e. death or injuries).
  • Injuries sustained by pedestrians, cyclists or passengers in traffic accidents in which your car is involved.

Even if you are not liable, you can claim on this insurance.

What is not covered?

Some key exclusions are:

  • damage to your own vehicle;
  • physical injuries sustained by the driver in a traffic accident;
  • damage caused during participation in competitions;
  • damage you cause intentionally.

Good to know

  • This product is governed by the laws of Belgium.
  • Insurance cover under this policy is valid for a term of one year and will be tacitly renewed, unless it is cancelled no later than three months before the principal renewal date.
  • Your intermediary is the first point of contact for any complaints you may have. If no agreement can be reached, please contact KBC Complaints Management: Brusselsesteenweg 100, 3000 Leuven,, tel. 0800 62 084 (free of charge) or + 32 78 15 20 45 (charges apply), fax + 32 16 86 30 38. If you cannot find a suitable solution, you can contact the Insurance Ombudsman, which acts for the entire industry, at de Meeûsplantsoen 35, 1000 Brussels,,
  • This does not affect your legal rights.

To request a quote for KBC Vehicle Insurance, visit our website or contact your KBC Insurance intermediary.
KBC Vehicle Insurance is a product of KBC Insurance NV – Professor Roger Van Overstraetenplein 2 – 3000 Leuven – Belgium
VAT No. BE 0403.552.563 – RLP Leuven – IBAN BE43 7300 0420 0601 – BIC KREDBEBB
Company authorised for all classes of insurance under code 0014 (Royal Decree of 4 July 1979; Belgian Official Gazette, 14 July 1979) by the National Bank of Belgium, de Berlaimontlaan 14, 1000 Brussels, Belgium. Member of the KBC Group

For a concise description of the cover, the most important exclusions and other useful information, please refer to the product fact sheet.

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