Invest your spare change

Invest with ease in just a few taps

Invest your spare change

Invest with ease in just a few taps

Invest with ease

Every time money comes off your current account, you invest a small amount to build your leftover change into a bigger investment.

Using our KBC Mobile app? Start in just a few taps.

Just open KBC Mobile on your phone and begin investing your spare change in just a few taps.

Also suitable for existing investors

Got an investment plan with us? Use it to invest your spare change and top up what you’ve already invested.

Invest your spare change

How is the coronavirus impacting your investments?

How does spare change investing work?

Lots of transactions take place on your bank account, such as transfers, standing orders, payments, you name it.

When you start to invest your spare change with us, your everyday spending is rounded up to the nearest euro. Once your roundups reach 10 euros, that’s automatically put into an investment plan for you. It makes investing so easy you’ll practically forget you’re even doing it.

For example, if you pay 3.51 euros for a bag of sweets, we’ll take 4 euros off your account and add 49 cents to your investment plan.

We’ll do this for all your everyday spending (unless you’d go overdrawn on your account as a result), quickly building your leftover change into a tidy investment.

How it works

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When you spend an amount…

... you round it up to the nearest euro.

Once you’ve gathered up 10 euros, it’s automatically invested for you.

You invest your spare change from a personal current account or joint current account (if you’re married or living together with someone).

Like to invest more? You can!

Want to add money to your investment plan? Simply set up a standing order to add to your investment every month on top of your roundups.

Does it cost anything?

Investing your spare change involves no extra charges on top of the usual fund entry charges.1

How do you link an automatic investment order to your spare change investment plan?

You can also top up your roundups with an automatic investment order for any amount you like.

Go to Investment > More > Periodic investments > Invest your spare change > Manage

Easy to manage using KBC Mobile

Our KBC Mobile smartphone app lets you see how much you’ve already invested and what that may have made you in the meantime.

Pause your roundups if you need to in a tap with our KBC Mobile app. It’s easy to restart roundups afterwards.

More tips can be found in our FAQs on KBC Mobile.

Did you know that...
The average customer gathers up about 90 cents in roundups a day or a monthly investment of around 20 euros.

Get started in no time

Open KBC Mobile and you’re done in just a few taps!

Invest your spare change

You invest in the fund on your own initiative without any investment advice from KBC Bank. That means we don’t assess whether the investment is suited to you and are unable to fully check whether you belong to the product’s target market. Contact your KBC branch or KBC Live to learn more about getting investment advice from KBC Bank.

More info

A fund is an institution that pools money from a group of investors and invests it in various types of financial instruments to spread potential risks. ‘Fund’ is a common name for an Undertaking for Collective Investment (UCI).

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