Realise your plans and optimise your assets

Discover KBC Premium Banking

Realise your plans and optimise your assets

Discover KBC Premium Banking

Your personal relationship manager

As a confidential adviser, your relationship manager will map out your current situation and help you realise your plans for the future.

Flexibility in investing

You can build up and manage your investments either by having your assets invested for you or by making your own investments with advice from our experts.

Benefits for you and your family

You enjoy many additional benefits, as do your children courtesy of our Family Service.

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Do you want to realise your plans and optimise your assets? Discover KBC Premium Banking.

Get financial guidance from your personal relationship manager

Your very own relationship manager is there to help you at all key moments in your life. We'll join forces to look for the best way to realise your plans for yourself, your family and your business.

 For instance, your relationship manager will refer you to our financial planning
specialists to find the right solution to tax or legal-related

  • Maintaining your standard of living after you retire
  • Passing on your wealth to your children or grandchildren
  • Investing in real estate and other assets
  • Getting the best forms of finance to help you realise your plans
  • Getting the insurance needed to protect your family or business

You'll receive financial guidance and we'll draw up a personal Premium Plan for you. Not only that, you will also receive tailored advice from our various domain experts. That way, you can always be sure that the information you receive is right for your situation and best suited to achieving your plans.

In addition, our financial planning specialists will help if you have any tax or legal-related questions for someone in your family.

Invest your way with expert advice

Your relationship manager – supported by a team of experts – is also there to help with your investments. After a meeting with your relationship manager, you can choose between two ways to build up and manage your investment portfolio:

  • Have your assets invested for you. You decide once what you want to invest in and our specialised fund managers take over from there. You are always kept up to date on your investments by means of clear reports.
  • Invest together with our experts. You ultimately make the decisions after receiving expert advice from our experts.

Good to know: besides your relationship manager, our experts can always be contacted via KBC Live. You can also keep an eye on your assets and make investments 24/7 with our digital apps. If you need assistance on how to use them, just get in touch.

Enjoy the benefits for you and your family

If you decide to sign up to KBC Premium Banking, you get to enjoy many additional benefits:

  • Reduced entry charges on investments
  • A KBC Plus Account and KBC Gold Credit Card
  • KBC Asset Insurance

And your family gets extra benefits, too. For instance, your children get a free KBC Plus Account and KBC Silver Credit Card.

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