Helping you and your assets to grow

KBC Premium Banking

Helping you and your assets to grow

KBC Premium Banking

Your personal relationship manager

You can make the right decisions at every stage of your life with the help of your relationship manager.

Expert advice

Expert advice helps you choose the right financing solutions and investments in order to achieve your projects.

Invest as a team

Together we'll look after the growth, transfer and protection of your assets.

Expert advice from your personal relationship manager

Your assets let you think big. But this presents you with choices throughout your life. A personal relationship manager helps you negotiate these decisions. We don't make them for you, but we can provide the pass that lets you score the goal yourself.

The relationship is based on trust, and your relationship manager will immerse themselves in your situation. They will get to know you and your family and understand what all of you need. Thanks to the know-how available at KBC you will gain more insight into the following.

  • Managing your assets
  • The right financing solutions in order to achieve your projects
  • Legal support to help you transfer your assets more smoothly
  • Insurance policies to provide you and your family with optimum protection

From complexity to clarity

Thanks to your personal relationship manager, you won't face all this on your own. And your relationship manager also has support. A team of experts in various fields provide clear language and options in complex affairs. These include taxation, retirement and inheritance planning, insurance analysis and international payments.

Customised asset service

An open discussion with occasional differences of opinion can really benefit your finances. This the rationale we use when working with you. You decide how closely we work together. 

  • What investments do you already have and where do you want to go with them?
  • How much protection do you want for these investments?
  • Do you want to invest a lot of your own time in monitoring them or would you rather take a step back?
  • Active investment? Including shares?
  • Do you want expert guidance when planning your retirement or inheritance matters?
We meet with you in order to find the right answers to all these questions. We offer three types of Premium Banking service. This results in optimum guidance that meets your expectations.

Three options - which suits you the best?

Premium Banking Essential

  • Your relationship manager advises you on your assets based on your personal and risk profiles
  • You receive an appropriate selection of investment products, including unique Premium Banking solutions
  • You have access to your investment portfolio at all times via KBC Touch
  • Your relationship manager is your personal savings and investment specialist.

Premium Banking Plus

  • Your relationship manager and an expert team of investment specialists review your assets
  • You receive easily understandable reports written in clear language, and strong visual analysis
  • You receive personal recommendations on your investments and regular newsletters
  • You receive guidance on legal and tax issues concerning your estate
  • As a valued client, you will be treated to a special gift or package

Premium Banking Select

Your relationship manager works closely with the Premium Banking equity strategist to help you in your choice of shares

  • You get a 75 euro discount annually on your custody fee 
  • Your individual shares are monitored and you are informed of important stock market news

You can extend this advisory service by including the share positions you have built up via Bolero, the transaction module of KBC Securities.

Check out the KBC Wealth Management Service Select product fact sheet 

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