Favourite shares

Find out about shares

Favourite shares

Find out about shares

The favourite shares of the KBC Premium Banking share strategy

In 'favourite shares', Koen Crabbé and his team provide a daily overview of the most attractive shares.

These individual shares are bundled together in a table for each sector

Changes to the favourite shares


Share Movement (Buy/Hold/Sell) Documentatie
13/10/2016 ADO Properties in Find out more
6/10/2016 Agfa in Find out more
23/9/2016 Oracle in Find out more
16/9/2016 Biocartis in Find out more
12/9/2016 EVS uit Find out more
1/9/2016 CFE in Find out more
22/8/2016 Encana uit Find out more
5/8/2016 Gilead in Find out more
3/8/2016 Sioen uit Find out more
29/7/2016 BP uit Find our more

The intention behind favourite shares

The list of favourite shares is compiled daily in consultation with the analysts at KBC Asset Management and KBC Securities.

We send you an e-mail every time the list of our favourite shares is modified. That might happen if:

  • a new share is added to the list of favourite shares
  • a share is moved to the 'Hold' list. The share then remains on the list of favourite shares, but we would no longer actively buy it
  • a share that you own personally is removed from the list of favourite shares. If you do not have that share in your portfolio, we will not send you an e-mail


This does not constitute personalised investment advice; it is merely a general investment recommendation based on the recommendations of KBC Asset Management NV or KBC Securities NV. Please get in touch with your relationship manager to find out whether or not a particular investment is suitable for you.