Voluntary and conditional takeover bid in cash by Sanofi for all Shares, Warrants and Convertible Bonds not yet owned by Sanofi issued by Ablynx NV

ABLYNX NV - Voluntary and conditionale takeover bid in cash for all shares of Ablynx NV by Sanfoi for 45 EUR per share

With this bid, Sanofi intends to delist the shares of Ablynx NV from Euronext Brussels, and enable Ablynx NV to accelerate and maximize the commercial potential of the ongoing development programs of Ablynx NV. Additionally, Sanofi wants to further expand Ablynx’s platform with the introduction of new products.


  • Press Release - Ablynx Sanofi - EN - Announcement of the successful Results of the Initial Tender Offer Period for Ablynx and Commencement of Squeeze-Out Tender Period
  • Prospectus (English version)
  • Placard (English version)
  • Response Memorandum

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