Aedifica: Capital increase with pre-emptive allocation right totaling max. 219.3 million euros

Aedifica: Capital increase with pre-emptive allocation right totaling max. 219.3 million euros

Aedifica NV, a public regulated real estate company (GVV) governed by Belgian law and specialized in residential care real estate, organises a capital increase with pre-emptive allocation right totalling maximum 219.3 million euros.

The main objective of the offering is to allow Aedifica to obtain new financial means to continue its investment strategy. The company's express wish is to further grow in the senior citizens' housing segment and, at the same time, to look at other care property markets in Europe.

Existing shareholders can exercise their allocation rights during the offering period from 16 March 2017 until 23 March 2017 according to the terms as discribed in the Prospectus.

The key features of the capital increase are as follows:

Subscription period from 16 March 2017 to 23 March 2017, inclusive
Subscription ratio 1 new Aedifica shares (ISIN BE0003851681) for 4 existing Aedifica shares (ISIN BE0003851681) held on 15 March 2017, after close of trading on Euronext Brussel. 
Issue price 61 euros per new share. (For your information, the Aedifica share's closing price on 14 March 2017 was 69.54 euros)
Subscription costs no charges
Ex coupon date 16 March 2017
Payment date 28 March 2017

The new shares confer an entitlement to receive the pro rata portion as from 28 March 2017 of the dividend for the current financial year 2016/2017 and for subsequent financial years. Coupon No. 17, which was detached on 15 March 2017 represents the pro rata temporis dividend until 27 March 2017.

The pre-emptive rights of allocation may be traded on the Euronext Brussels regulated market over the entire Subscription Period. If you don’t have at least 4 No. 16 coupons or a multiple thereof, you can buy additional allocation rights on Euronext Brussels during the subscription period. If you prefer not to participate in the capital increase, you can offer your rights of allotment for sale on that exchange. To carry out these transactions, you need to submit a buy or sell order before 4 p.m. on 23 March 2017. All pre-emptive rights of allotment that have not been exercised will be offered for sale as scrips through a private placement on 24 March 2017. The net proceeds of the sale of these scrips will be credited to your account from 31 March 2017 onwards, as long as they come to at least 0.01 euros per coupon No. 16.


You are invited to consult the Prospectus, that consists out of the registration document (approved by the FSMA on 12 September 2016), the transaction note (approved by the FSMA on the 15th of March) and the summary (approved by the FSMA on the 15th of March), which contains the conditions and a detailed description of the risk facotrs (from p. 2 of the registration document, chapter 1 of the Transaction note and section D of the Summary), HERE


An investment in shares involves significant risks. Investors are urged to familiarise themselves with the Prospectus, and in particular with the risk factors described in chapter 1 ‘Risk Factors’ of the Securities Note and in the chapter ‘Risk Factors’ of the Registration Document before investing in the New Shares, the Priority Allocation Rights or the Scrips. Every decision to invest in the New Shares, the Priority Allocation Rights or the Scrips in the framework of the Offering, must be based on all information provided in the Prospectus. Potential investors must be able to bear the economic risk of an investment in shares and to undergo a full or partial loss of their investment.


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