Avantium's IPO

Avantium's IPO

>  Pioneer in the emerging industry of renewable and sustainable chemistry

>  PEF, the next generation packaging material

>  IPO supports the Synvina Joint Venture with BASF

A pioneer in the emerging industry of renewable and sustainable chemistry

The Dutch company Avantium is a leading chemical technology company in developing and commercialising innovative and renewable chemistry solutions as sustainable alternatives to fossil-based chemicals and materials. Today, the chemical industry is still heavily dependent on fossil resources. Growing demand, limited reserves and price volatility of petroleum, climate change concerns and tightening regulations are drivers for a transition towards more sustainable chemistry. Avantium is a pioneer in this emerging industry.

PEF, strongly positioned to become next-generation packaging material

Avantium has developed the YXY Technology that converts plant-based sugars into FDCA, a key building block for producing polyesters, such as PEF. PEF is a 100% biobased plastic. Avantium, together with its development partners (The Coca-Cola Company, Danone and ALPLA), has explored the enormous market potential of PEF in the packaging market. PEF is not only 100% biobased and 100% recyclable, meeting the sustainability standards of the future, it also has unique properties that enable the production of lighter, thinner, smaller and stronger bottles that can compete with glass bottles, aluminium cans, carton packaging and PET bottles for soft drinks, waters, fruit juices, beer, alcoholic beverages, food and household and cosmetic applications.  

IPO supports the Synvina Joint Venture with BASF, the global nr. 1 chemical company

In November 2016, Avantium established a Joint Venture (Synvina) with BASF to commercialise the YXY Technology. Synvina plans to start the construction of the first commercial scale plant in Antwerp by the end of 2018, with sales of FDCA and PEF expected to commence in 2021. Synvina  intends to subsequently license the YXY Technology to BASF and others to enable global industrial scale production of FDCA and PEF as from 2021.

Avantium will use the majority of the proceeds of the IPO to fund the Synvina JV. The remainder of the proceeds from the Offering will be used to further develop the other renewable chemistries projects and for general corporate purposes.

Details of the offering

As a retail investor, you can subscribe at the offer price of €11.00 per share. The offering period will take place from 6 march 2017 until 13 march 2017. The prospectus and product sheet are available at no costs on the website (below in the "Prospectus" and "more information" sections) or via the offices of KBC. The prospectus is in English and the summary has a Dutch and French translation.

An Investment in the New Shares involves substantial risks and uncertainties. Potentials investors should read the entire Prospectus and are advised to carefully consider the information contained in the Prospectus and, in particular, should review sections D.1 and D.3 of the "Summary" starting on page 15 and the section "Risk Factor" starting page 52. Prospective investors must be able to bear the economic risk of an investment in the shares and should be able to sustain a partial or total loss of their investment.

Shares have an unlimited duration without providing for repayment. This share is expected to quote and to trade on the regulated market of Euronext Amsterdam and Euronext Brussels, which could lead to the realization of a capital gain or loss. Upon liquidation, the shareholder only comes after other creditors covered and usually recovers nothing. This share is entitled to dividends (although this is not the intention in the foreseeable future). If you decide to subscribe to this share, then there are no costs or fees attached and your rights as a shareholder are subject to the Dutch law. Other fees and taxes are listed in the product fiche page 7 and in the prospectus.

This post is for information only and does not constitute investment advice. If you want advice, feel free to talk with your trusted contact. For complaints, please contact internally to complaints@kbc.be, tel. 0800 62 084 and / or external to ombudsman@ombudsfin.be


You will find the Prospectus here. The Prospectus will also be available from the Avantium website as well as on demand from its registered office at Zekeringstraat 29, 1014 BV Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 

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