Initial public offering Balta Group NV

Initial public offering Balta Group NV


From local textile manufacturer to world-player in the soft-flooring market

Balta was established in 1964 by Paul Balcaen in Sint-Baafs-Vijve. The company began as a local manufacturer of textile products, but since the 1990s has been pursuing a strategy of internationalisation and diversification. The result today is a wide product range and worldwide geographical representation. Through a combination of external and organic growth, Balta has emerged as a worldwide leader in the production of decorative rugs and a European leader in the manufacture of wall-to-wall and tile-shaped carpets for the commercial and residential market. The takeover of Bentley in March 2017 should strengthen Balta's position in the North American and commercial soft-flooring market.

Future growth opportunities supported by a strong asset base

Balta owns eight production plants, of which six in Belgium and two in Turkey. These are organised with a view to automation, flexibility and an efficient production process. The establishments provide capacity for further growth. In addition Balta has three warehouses/distribution centres, of which one in Belgium and two in North America. The recent takeover of the company Bentley represents an extension of Balta's asset base with a production plant and separate warehouse in California, North America.  

The IPO will improve Balta’s financial position with a view to future growth opportunities 

Balta is currently 100%-owned by Lone Star Fund IX, which is preparing Balta for its next big step: going public! The IPO is designed to strengthen the company's financial position with a view to future growth and investment opportunities.

Learn more about the IPO

As a private investor you are able to subscribe at an offer price between 13.25 – 16.00 euro per share. The subscription period runs from 31 May 2017 to 12 June 2017 4pm CET, provided that there is no early closing. 

The Prospectus and the product fiche are available free of charge from your KBC Bank branch, KBC Live  (+32 (0)78 152 153) or via The Prospectus is available in English and Dutch. The summary of the Prospectus has been translated in French.

Online registration for the shares of Balta Group NV in the context of its introduction on Euronext Brussels may be made via this link.

Register online for the shares of Balta Group NV in the context of its introduction on Euronext Brussels. 


The prospectus and productfiche are available at the bottom of the page (free of charge).

The prospectus is available in English and Dutch. The summary of the prospectus has been translated in French.


An investment in the Offer Shares involves substantial risks and uncertainties. Prospective investors should read the entire Prospectus, and, in particular, should see “Risk Factors” beginning on page 22 for a discussion of certain factors that should be considered in connection with an investment in the Shares, including, risks related to the fact that the Company is active in various countries and would be exposed if important export markets of the Company, such as the U.S. (28% of total pro forma 2016 sales) or the U.K. (22% of total pro forma 2016 sales), became subject to economic slowdown or trade restrictions and risks related to leverage and debt obligations of the Company, whereby the Company aims for a post-IPO leverage ratio of 2.5:1 upon a successful Offering including a minimum Primary Tranche of €137.6 million net proceeds. All of these factors should be considered before investing in the Offer Shares. Prospective investors must be able to bear the economic risk of an investment in the Shares and should be able to sustain a partial or total loss of their investment. See “Summary—Section D—Risks” and “Risk Factors”, on pages 15 and 22 of the Prospectus, and on page 8 of the productfiche.

Shares do not have a maturity date and no redemption is scheduled. The shares are expected to be quoted and traded on the regulated Euronext Brussels market, which could give rise to the realisation of short or surplus values. In the event of liquidation shareholders will rank after other creditors and will generally not recoup anything. This share can entitle the holder to dividends. If you decide to subscribe to this share, no costs or taxes will be payable and your rights as shareholder are determined by Belgian law. Other costs and taxes are set out in the productfiche from page 12 and in the Prospectus.

This notice is solely for information purposes and does not constitute investment advice. If you are looking for advice, please do not hesitate to ask your dedicated contact. You can submit any complaints you may have to, tel. 0800 62 084 and/or to the independent Ombudsman’s service:


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