Thinking about opening a children's account?

Children can now manage their money securely, easily and for free with the KBC Plus Account.

Thinking about opening a children's account?

Children can now manage their money securely, easily and for free with the KBC Plus Account.

Full and secure control

Parents can keep a close eye on the first financial steps taken by their child. Protective limits are also set in the app.

Small step towards independence

A children's account gives kids the independence to start managing their own finances.

Banking with an app of their own

KBC K'Ching is the first mobile banking app in Belgium that has been designed with young people in mind. Children aged 10 and older can learn how to do their basic banking business themselves in an appropriate environment.

A small step towards financial independence

As a parent, you want to encourage independence in your child when they're growing up, including in relation to managing money and doing banking. But where do you start? Well, a good idea is to open a children's account. Just transfer your child's pocket money to the current account and let them manage that money themselves. In effect, you're giving your child freedom to act independently. But only to a certain degree, because you're able to closely monitor your child – financially speaking – via KBC Touch or KBC Mobile. What's more, your child is protected by the limits that have been set for the mobile app. So, there is no danger of overspending and everything can be checked.

Banking with your smartphone

Rekening kind online

Most kids today have their own smartphone. It's no surprise then that they use it to check just about everything, ranging from meeting friends to looking up their school timetable. This prompted the launch of KBC K'Ching, the first mobile banking app for children in Belgium and Europe. KBC K’Ching offers a number benefits:

  • Ideal for encouraging children and young people to learn about handling money on their own
  • Ability to check balances, transfer money or view transaction records: that's all that young people require
  • Safe and easy to check: parents have the ability to set payment limits

Inbegrepen in de gratis KBC Plus Account

Our young person’s account includes:

  • Two debit cards (+ replacement)
  • Online banking on your PC, laptop or tablet with KBC Touch
  • Mobile banking on your phone with our KBC Mobile and KBC K'Ching apps
  • Cash withdrawals over the counter and from other banks’ ATMs
  • Payments in almost any shop, filling station or restaurant and on virtually any website
  • Transfers to your own or others’ accounts (with instant transfers to another KBC account)

Apply for your children's account online

A children's account can be opened quickly online. If you're a KBC client, all you do is log in to KBC Touch. Even if you're not a client with us, you can apply very easily online by following the step-by-step instructions.


Attention, borrowing money also costs money

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