Young person's account

KBC Plus Account

Young person's account

KBC Plus Account

Free of charge

If you're under 25, you can get a KBC Plus Account for free.

Bank on your PC, tablet and smartphone

Check your bank balance, transfer money and do lots more besides – anytime, anywhere.

Personalised bank card

As a younger account holder with us, you can personalise your bank card with a favourite photo twice a year – totally free of charge.

Why go for a young person's account?

Young person's account

Convenience is king with a KBC Plus Account, especially when you're young. It's also an ideal way to get to grips with safe and secure money management. Not only that, but you also get lots of free benefits like being able to make cash withdrawals in Belgium and the rest of Europe or getting a personalised bank card.

There's a charge for these extra services when you have a KBC Basic Account. So a KBC Plus Account for young people is cheaper if you're under 25.

An account for my underage child

You can open an account for children once they turn 11. As the parent, you remain the legal representative. And, thanks to a special power of attorney, your child too will get the chance to use a current account of their very own. The ideal way in taking those first small steps towards independence.


  • Two bank cards (+ replacement)
  • Personalised bank card
  • Online banking on your PC, laptop or tablet with KBC Touch
  • Mobile banking on your smartphone with KBC Mobile
  • Cash withdrawals over the counter and from other banks' ATMs
  • Payments in almost any shop, filling station or restaurant and on virtually any website
  • Credit transfers to your own or others' accounts. Instant transfers to another KBC account.

Special limits

Our spending limits for young people aged between 11 and 17 differ from those applying to adults. Over-18s are subject to our standard KBC Bank Card limits.

Maximum limit
Daily limit for cash withdrawals

120 euros 500 euros
Weekly limit for cash withdrawals
900 euros 5,000 euros
Weekly limit for payments
900 euros 2,500 euros

Optional add-ons

Once you've turned 18 and start earning, you can opt for a KBC Plus Account including a credit card. And you can get the whole package at a great price, too. Interested? Compare all our cards.

Once you're over 18, you can use a young person's account to give you the option of temporarily overdrawing your account using the KBC Budget Facility.

KBC Prepaid Card
1 euro a month
KBC Plus Account with a KBC Silver Credit Card

1 euro a month

KBC Plus Account with a KBC Gold Credit Card

4 euros a month

KBC Plus Account with a KBC Platinum Credit Card

7 euros a month


Attention, borrowing money also costs money

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