Using your debit card (bank card)

Learn more about your debit card with our handy guide

Using your debit card (bank card)

Learn more about your debit card with our handy guide

Unblock your payment card using KBC Mobile

Is your card not working because you’ve entered the wrong PIN 3 times? KBC Mobile lets you easily unblock it.

  1. Log in to KBC Mobile
  2. Tap ‘My KBC’
  3. Select your blocked debit card under 'Means of payment'
  4. Tap 'Unblock PIN and online banking access'
  5. Enter your card’s expiry date, then use your card in a high-street shop or at an ATM with the same PIN
  6. Withdraw cash or pay in a shop to make your card work online again

If you forget your PIN

Contact your KBC branch. A member of staff there can arrange for you:

  • To choose a new PIN at an ATM
  • Or for a new one to be posted to your home address

Changing your PIN

You can change your debit card's PIN any time at an ATM.

Stopping or cancelling your debit card

Lost your debit card, or had it stolen or retained in an ATM? Act without delay! Block your card with KBC Mobile or call Card Stop on 070 344 344 (0.30 euros a minute).

If your debit card has been stopped

Contact  your KBC branch. Depending on why the card has been stopped, they may be able to reactivate it for you. If not, they will cancel and replace it for you.

We'll stop your card if:

  • You enter the wrong PIN three times in a row
  • You forget your card in an ATM or payment terminal
  • The current account linked to your card has been overdrawn for too long
  • Your client relationship with us terminates

My card is blocked for online use

If you get a message notifying you that your card has been blocked for online use, it means you’ve entered the wrong PIN 3 times in a row when logging in. It’s easy to have your card unblocked.

Unblocking your card using KBC Mobile

  1. Open KBC Mobile and go to ‘Payments > Means of  payment’
  2. Tap your blocked card then ‘Unblock PIN and online banking access’
  3. Enter your card’s expiry date
  4. Use your card again with your PIN

Not using our Mobile app yet? Contact your KBC branch. In the meantime, you can continue to use your card to make cash withdrawals or pay in high-street shops.

If your debit card is defective

Request a new one online or contact your KBC branch. Our staff there will check the card and – if necessary – ensure that it is replaced as quickly as possible. Outside branch opening hours, you can still get a replacement card by contacting KBC Live.

If your debit card is close to expiring

A few weeks before your card expires, we'll send you a new one as standard.

Replacing your debit card

Card not working? Request a new one online or through your KBC branch. A replacement card is included with our KBC Plus Account and costs six euros if you have a KBC Basic Account.

Card lost, stolen or retained by an ATM? Contact Card Stop to have your card stopped and replaced free of charge. If your previous KBC Debit Card was a standard one not personalised with a photo, you'll get the same as a replacement card and vice versa.

Use your debit card even before receiving it

When you open an account with us, you don’t have to wait until you receive your debit card to start using it. Our KBC Mobile app is updated with your card details so you can already use them to make payments. The same goes for when you have to apply for a new debit card after losing your current one or it gets stolen. Once you request a replacement card, its details are already available in KBC Mobile for making payments.

How? Log in to KBC Mobile and tap ‘Payments’ followed by ‘Means of payment’, then select your new debit card and tap ‘View card details’. Link your card details to your Apple Wallet, Google Pay app, Fitbit app or wearable to pay right away with your smartphone, smartwatch or wearable.

Using your debit card abroad


You can use your KBC Debit Card without restriction in EuropeSee the countries where you can use your debit card.

If you're planning a trip outside Europe, be sure to activate your card for worldwide use in time through KBC Touch or KBC Mobile. You can also ask us to do this for you by contacting your KBC branch or by calling KBC Live.

Using your debit card in the US

You can use your debit card in the US, but you may have to activate it for use there. Our KBC Touch or KBC Mobile app lets you do this yourself. Alternatively, just ask your KBC branch or contact KBC Live (outside opening hours) to do this for you.

Paying at the pump by debit card

When you start refuelling using your debit card, the petrol station sets aside a standard set amount from your account to allow you to carry out the transaction. If that amount is larger than the balance available on your account, you might not be able to refuel. Note, however, that as soon as you have finished refuelling, the exact amount is deducted from your account.

Tip: make sure you always have sufficient funds on your current account.

Changing your debit card's limits

You can raise or lower your card's limits through KBC Mobile, KBC Touch or your KBC branch. Once you do so, you can immediately use your card under the new limit. Cash withdrawals of more than 650 euros a day or 2,500 euros a week can only be made at KBC/CBC ATMs.

Different limits apply to minors than to adults.  

Learn more about debit card limits.

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