Using your credit card

Learn more about your credit card with our handy guide

Using your credit card

Learn more about your credit card with our handy guide

Just got a new credit card or only recently started using it? See what you can do with your credit card.

Cash withdrawals

The amount of cash you can withdraw

You can withdraw up to 620 euros in cash every four days.

Where you can withdraw cash

With one of our credit cards, you can withdraw cash from any ATM where you see the Mastercard or Visa logo.

Checking the balance on your card

Our KBC Touch and KBC Mobile apps let you see what's left to spend on your card.

Raising your spending limit

You can raise your card's spending limit at your KBC Bank branch or through KBC Touch.

Paying at filling stations with your credit card

If you want to be able to use your credit card to pay outside at the pump for refuelling at a filling station, you’ll need to make sure that there’s at least 125 euros on your card. This is usually the amount filling station owners hold as a reserve on your card (though it can be more than that). It comes off the available balance on your card even before you've finished filling up and the exact amount is known. The actual cost of your fill-up will be charged to your card a couple of days afterwards, when the reserve on your card is released.

Problems with your card

Changing your PIN

You can change your credit card's PIN any time at a KBC ATM.

If you forget your PIN

Contact your KBC Bank branch. A member of staff there can arrange for you to choose a new PIN at a KBC-Matic ATM or for a new one to be posted to your home address.

Stopping or cancelling your card

If your credit card is lost or stolen, have it stopped as soon as possible to prevent it from being misused.

Insufficient balance

Some businesses set aside money from your credit card when you book, reserve or pay for something using your credit card, e.g., when booking a hotel room or renting a car. The reservation will reduce your credit limit by twice the amount of the booking. The time when the reservation is released differs from trader to trader, from a few days to up to as much as two weeks.

Online payment not working

Look on KBC Touch or KBC Mobile to see whether your credit card has been authorised for online payments.

Defective card

Apply online for a new card or contact your KBC Bank branch. We'll check your card and replace it as soon as possible. If the branch is closed for business, just contact KBC Live and the staff there will do the necessary.

Credit card not received

If you've requested a credit card and want it sent to your home address, it generally takes four days to reach you.
If you still haven't received it some time later, contact your KBC branch or call + 32 78 152 154.

Expired card

A few weeks before your KBC credit card expires, we'll send you a new one as standard.

Accepted worldwide

Our credit cards can be used anywhere in the world. It's only when you travel to the US that you have to take additional measures to ensure that you can use your card there.

Activating your card for use in the US

If you’re intending to travel to the US, you'll need to activate your card for use there before you leave. You can do this permanently if you’re a regular visitor there, or temporarily for the duration of your trip. This can be done through KBC Touch, your KBC Bank branch or KBC Live.

If you forget to activate your card for use in the US

If you forget to activate your credit card for use in the US, you'll only be able to use it for transactions requiring you to enter your PIN, like cash withdrawals. KBC Touch lets you activate your card for use in the US even while you’re there, provided you have a KBC Card Reader with you. If you do this, the change is effective immediately. If you don't yet have KBC Touch, you can always contact your KBC Bank branch or KBC Live to help you with this.

Paying with your card abroad

Within the euro area

It costs you nothing to pay with your credit card, unless special charges apply (like when booking tickets).

Outside the euro area

It's cheaper to pay by KBC credit card than to pay using your KBC Bank Card (Maestro). The fee for cash withdrawals depends on the transaction amount.

Claim on your insurance with us

Use the information and forms below to make a claim. If you’re not sure whether your claim is covered, contact KBC Live.

KBC Silver Credit Card

KBC Gold Credit Card

KBC Platinum Credit Card

Charges for using your KBC credit card abroad

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Attention, borrowing money also costs money

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Pay with the app that doubles as a loyalty card

Pay with the app that doubles as a loyalty card
Using your bank card

Using your bank card

Learn how to change the PIN and limits for your bank card or stop your card with our handy guide to using your KBC Bank Card.
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Cardless cash withdrawals with KBC Mobile

Cardless cash withdrawals with KBC Mobile

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