Temporary debit card (bank card)

Temporary debit card (bank card)

Available and ready to use right away

Pop in to a KBC branch and pop out later with a ready-to-use KBC Go Card.

The exact same facilities as a standard debit card

Your KBC Go Card does everything your standard debit card does. In other words, it's the ideal replacement card.

For new current accounts too

KBC Go Cards are for everyone, including new clients who have just opened a current account.

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Debit card not yet delivered, lost, stolen or defective?

Not to worry. The KBC Go Card can save the day. This temporary debit card has the exact same facilities as your previous or future debit card. It can be used straightaway until you receive your other card.

  • Available and ready to use right away 
  • The exact same facilities as a standard debit card 
  • For new current accounts too

Ideal as a temporary debit card

If you've a new current account but can't wait until you've received your permanent card to get started, ask for a temporary KBC Go Card when opening your account. It'll allow you to start banking right away, even if your debit card is on its way to you in the post. 

Or if you urgently need a replacement for a card that is defective or has been stolen, the KBC Go Card fits the bill.

Everything your standard debit card can do

The KBC Go Card has the same facilities as your standard debit card. Even the spending limits remain the same. The card is linked to your current account until the time you receive your permanent debit card.

  • Access to online banking: you can start online banking right away.
  • Access to KBC and CBC self-service lobbies: you can do all your banking transactions at our self-service terminals any time, without restriction.
  • Payments and cash withdrawals, including abroad: you can use your card throughout Europe anywhere you see the Bancontact/MisterCash or Maestro/Cirus logos at participating retailers and on ATMs. You can also temporarily activate your card for use worldwide via KBC Touch.
  • Contactless payments: you can pay even more quickly in the supermarket, restaurant, cinema and many other places besides. 
  • PIN-less payments: you can make payments of up to 25 euros in an instant. Simply insert your card into the terminal, press 'OK' and you're done! What's more, paying at terminals without a numeric keypad (like vending machines, parking meters or car park ticket machines) is just as easy. 

You decide what you can do with your card

You can set your debit card up at any time using KBC Mobile or KBC Touch. You're the one who decides: 

  • Where you can withdraw cash and make payments (in Europe or worldwide)
  • Whether or not your card may be used for paying online
  • Whether payments may be made without entering a PIN
  • The limits for cash withdrawals at KBC ATMs

Any changes are activated immediately.

Where can you request the KBC Go Card?

Simply pop into your nearest branch and the staff there will link your account to a temporary debit card. A short time later, you leave the branch with a ready-to-use KBC Go Card. It couldn't be easier!

For how long does your card remain valid?

You can use your KBC Go Card for 75 days, starting from the moment it has been activated.

The KBC Go Card becomes invalid when you use your new debit card for the first time. You should then destroy it by cutting it up (ensuring that you also cut through its chip).

Does a KBC Go Card cost me anything?

  • If you have a KBC Plus Account, you're entitled to two free KBC Go Cards a year (from the third card you pay 10 euros per card).
  • If you have a KBC Basic Account or KBC Current Account, you pay 10 euros per card.

Type of account

Price KBC Go Card


KBC Basic Account

10 euros

KBC Plus Account

  • 2 cards a year: free of charge
  • From the 3rd card: 10 euros