Activate contactless payments on your debit card​

This demo shows you how to use KBC Mobile to activate contactless payments on your debit card. Click the Start Demo button to begin the demo.​
  1. Tap ‘My KBC’ at the bottom of your screen​.

  2. Scroll to ‘Means of payment’ and select the debit card you want to activate for contactless payments.​

  3. Go to ‘Means of payment’ and tap the second white tile in the middle of your screen.

  4. Scroll to ‘Settings’ and select the Pay contactless toggle button.​

  5. Tap the toggle button next to ‘Pay contactless’ half way down your screen.

  6. After activating the Pay contactless function, confirm it by entering your PIN.​​

  7. Tap the green ‘OK’ button in the bottom right corner.​

  8. A green bar appears at the top of your screen confirming your action. You can tap the ‘X’ at the right-hand side to close the bar, but it disappears automatically anyway after a few seconds.​

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Note: The screens on an Android device may vary slightly from this iPhone demo.