K'Ching: banking on your smartphone

Your own, cool mobile banking app

K'Ching: banking on your smartphone

Your own, cool mobile banking app

Manage your pocket money your way

Check whether your pocket money’s on your account, make transfers, see how much is left on your account and more. Manage your money with KBC K'Ching!

Pimp your app

Choose one of the colourful themes, add photos of your friends and make it your own unique app.

Pay and withdraw cash without your debit card

No cash on you? Forgot your debit card? Our K’Ching app lets you withdraw cash and easily pay for things in shops and elsewhere right from your phone.

Your app, your way

Imagine there was a mobile banking app made for and by young people. Created with the latest in app technology. An easy-to-use app that lets you change its look how you want it and helps you bank. Wouldn’t that be great? Say hello to KBC K'Ching!

What can you do with K’Ching?

  • Manage your current and savings account
  • Transfer money
  • Check how much is left on your account
  • See how you’ve been spending your money in recent weeks and months
  • Add fun nicknames and photos for family and friends
  • Pay on your phone in shops
  • Pay back your friends
  • Withdraw cash from our ATMs using your phone
  • Make your app look even funkier with fun skins
  • Joke with and get answers to your questions from our friendly K’Ching robot

Think K’Ching’s got it all? Ask your parents to open one of our free accounts and get a debit card for you.

Get help from your banking buddy

K’Ching is your personal helper you can talk to and ask questions. Choose the look you like best for K’Ching, who’ll tell you how to make payments or withdraw money and give you handy tips and facts on secure banking and managing your money. You might even hear a few jokes along the way!

Stay super secure

  • Open your app with a 5-digit PIN that only you know
  • K’Ching tells you how to bank securely online
  • Your details are always sent over highly secure connections so that nobody can hack your account
  • Our limits for online banking make sure that you never spend more than your means every week or month
  • If you’re momentarily inactive, K’Ching breaks the connection to keep you safe and you have to log in again 

Your own look and feel

Choose a skin to suit your mood or style!

  • Make your app your own with cool themes to suit your every mood
  • Add photos to your contacts
  • Give your family and friends nutty nicknames

Don’t have an account and debit card with us?

You need one of our accounts for young people and a debit card to use K’Ching. Both are free of charge to you.

Ask your parents to open one of our free accounts for you.

Seen our new K’Ching stickers for iMessage yet?

Our cute robot friend, K’Ching, now has his own free iMessage stickers. And they’re animated! Pimp your messages and make them even more hilarious with our little friend’s funniest faces!

If you’ve got an iPhone with iOS 10, head over fast to the App Store and:

  • Search for ‘K’Ching stickers’
  • Download our free sticker pack
  • Get sticking with all your friends and family!

Get the app

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Pimp your KBC K'Ching app

Pimp your KBC K'Ching app

Want to change your theme, add friends and check balances on your smartphone without logging in to KBC K'Ching?
Young person's account

Young person's account

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