K'Ching: mobile banking for young people

The mobile banking app made for and by young people

K'Ching: mobile banking for young people

The mobile banking app made for and by young people

Teach children to manage money

Manage spending limits for K’Ching right from KBC Touch, which also lets you see how your children are spending their money.

Smooth first steps in mobile banking

From money management to safe and secure online banking, our K’Ching robot guides your children and gives them lots of tips to help them on their way.

Transfer kids their pocket money

Forget withdrawing cash to give to your kids as pocket money. Simply transfer it to them instead.

Get a banking app made for you and your kids

K’Ching is the ideal mobile banking app made for and by young people. It's an easy-to-use smartphone app that young people can personalise how they want. It also helps them bank, featuring the latest in app technology and trends.

  • Set limits to what your youngsters can spend every week or month
  • Keep an eye on things using KBC Touch
  • Rest easy knowing our K’Ching robot is there to answer your children's questions about managing money and online banking
  • Teach your youngsters how to manage their money and bank online safely and securely

What can your child do with K’Ching?

K’Ching only has features that young people need, letting them:

  • Manage a single current account and one savings account
  • Transfer money
  • Check how much is on their account
  • Give other account holders fun nicknames and photos
  • Pay in shops or pay back friends using MobilePay
  • Withdraw cash from out ATMs without needing their card using MobileCash
  • Make their app look even cooler with fun themes
  • Joke with and get answers to their questions from our friendly K'Ching robot

Safety first

  • Young K’Ching users open their app with a 5-digit PIN that only they know
  • K’Ching tells youngsters how to bank online safely and securely
  • Details are also sent over a secure connection
  • Payment limits for online banking ensure that young people never spend too much
  • K’Ching breaks the connection if a user is inactive for a time

Get one of our accounts and debit cards for your child

Your child needs to have one of our young person's accounts and a debit card to use K’Ching. Both are free of charge to them. 

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