KBC Sign

Log in and sign transactions in KBC Touch and KBC Invest without a card reader

KBC Sign

Log in and sign transactions in KBC Touch and KBC Invest without a card reader

Bye-bye card reader

With our KBC Sign app, there's no more need for a card reader to log in to KBC Touch and KBC Invest apps.

Completely secure

It even lets you log in securely over an unsecured Wi-Fi network.

Easy to use

Once activated, KBC Sign is the easiest way to log in to KBC Touch and KBC Invest.

Install our KBC Sign app now


Download KBC Sign

Tired of having to rummage around to find your card reader? Batteries dead right when you want to make a transfer? Just can’t be bothered entering all those codes? Make life easier for yourself with our KBC Sign app! Once activated on your phone, it's all you need to access KBC Touch and KBC Invest.

What is KBC Sign?

It's our smartphone app that lets you log in to a number of our digital services (KBC Touch, KBC Invest and KBC-Online for Business) and sign transactions on a PC.

It's already conveniently built in to our Mobile app, easily accessible from its login screen using the 'Sign using KBC Sign' feature. That's alongside the other great features right at your fingertips from the moment you log in to our Mobile app, which together let you:

  • Withdraw money using MobileCash
  • Pay in highstreet and online stores using MobilePay
  • Log in to KBC Touch and sign transactions using our Sign app

Getting started with KBC Sign

  1. Install our KBC Mobile app if you don't have it already
  • Open the Mobile app
  • Tap 'Sign using KBC Sign'
  • Get taken to your app store to install our KBC Sign app 

    2. Activate your KBC Sign app

  • Start the app and follow the on-screen instructions
  • Accept the applicable regulations and confirm your registration
  • Set a five-digit code for your KBC Sign app
  • Start using the app 
    3. Log in to KBC Touch or KBC Invest using the KBC Sign app
  • Go to the KBC Touch or KBC Invest login screen on your computer and select your username[DS1]
  • Select the 'sign' smartphone icon to log in using your KBC Sign app
  • Take your smartphone, open your KBC Mobile app and tap 'Sign usingKBC Sign'
  • Log in, scan the QR code and enter your KBC Sign app code
  • Get logged in to KBC Touch or KBC Invest and you're off
  • Confirm transactions the same way

If you don't have our KBC Mobile app yet, you'll need to register using your bank card and card reader the first time you go to use it. 

Download KBC Sign

KBC Sign for iOS and Android

System requirements

Download KBC Sign

Download KBC Sign

Logging in and signing transactions has never been easier with our KBC Sign app. It's good for the environment too, as less card reader use means less batteries.

Your card reader can take a well-earned break, but don't get rid of it yet. You may need to use it now and again like when you change phones.

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