Make payments and transfers with KBC Mobile

Make transfers by QR code and pay online or in the shops using your smartphone.

Make payments and transfers with KBC Mobile

Make transfers by QR code and pay online or in the shops using your smartphone.

Paying by smartphone is the new normal

Mobile banking is booming. Our clients are proof positive of that every day. More than 750 000 KBC clients currently do their banking with their smartphone, and that number goes up by more than 10% every year. Did you know that you can now also make payments with KBC Mobile online and in the shops?

1. Transfer money in real time with your smartphone

Real-time money transfers between KBC accounts is a breeze with our handy KBC Mobile smartphone banking app. Just open the app, enter your PIN and select 'Credit transfers' from the menu. Then you simply enter the requested details, confirm your transfer with your PIN and the money will be in the account.

2. Pay bills

Paper bills

Use our Mobile app to pay bills by scanning payment transfer forms with your phone’s camera. The amount, IBAN, name of the beneficiary and standard-format reference can all be read. After checking the data and making any adjustments, you have the option of adding an execution date. To carry out the transaction, you need to sign the transfer using your PIN.

How it works

  1. Log in to KBC Mobile
  2. Tap the round blue double-arrow icon at the bottom right of your ‘Payments’ view showing your accounts, followed by ‘Transfer funds to other accounts’
  3. Tap the camera icon at the top right
  4. Scan the transfer
  5. Check the details and confirm using your PIN

Digital bills

Receive digital bills by e-mail or through Doccle? Now even they can be easily scanned using your smartphone. Whether your bill has a QR code or not, SmartPaste instantly fills in the amount, account number and reference number in KBC Mobile.

How it works

Bills with QR codes

  1. Open the digital bill
  2. Share the PDF file with KBC Mobile so it instantly recognises and scans the QR code
  3. Go to ‘Payments’
  4. Log in to KBC Mobile
  5. Check the details and confirm the transfer

Bills without QR codes

  1. Open the digital bill
  2. Share the PDF file with KBC Mobile 
  3. Scan the details and confirm the account number, reference number and amount
  4. Go to ‘Payments’
  5. Log in to KBC Mobile 
  6. Check the details and confirm the transfer

3. Send and receive money by QR code

Want to pay bills fast? Need to pay back or get paid back by a friend (like when they had no cash on them for that restaurant bill)? Do it easily in no time with MobilePay. MobilePay (previously our Scash facility) works with any app that supports Bancontact (like Bancontact's own app or other banks' apps), so the person paying or getting paid by you doesn't have to bank with us.

How it works

Open KBC Mobile and tap 'Pay by MobilePay'.
Choose between 'Make payments' and 'Receive cash' at the top of your screen.

To pay, simply scan the QR code.

To get paid:

  1. Enter your app PIN
  2. Select the account for receiving the payment
  3. Enter the amount
  4. Tap 'Generate QR code'
  5. Get the payer to scan the code and they've paid

4. Pay with your smartphone in online stores

You can make payments in online stores without a card reader by using your KBC Bank Card (Bancontact, Maestro, Visa and Mastercard) or the KBC Payment Button.

How it works

When making your purchase, select the pay by mobile option.

  • If you're buying something on a computer or tablet, launch MobilePay in KBC Mobile to scan the QR code and confirm the payment.
  • If you're buying something on a smartphone, you can have %product.mobilebanking%% launch automatically to confirm the payment with your PIN.

5. Shop online and pay later with MobilePay

If you select 'Buy now and pay later', KBC will advance the purchase amount in your account and the seller will be paid immediately. The amount will then be debited automatically from your account within two months. You can select the date yourself. This is possible for amounts from 50 to 1250 euros. Deferred payment is not available to minors or individuals who hold power of attorney.

Tip: If you defer your payment, always make sure there are sufficient funds in your account on your selected date. That way, you avoid going overdrawn and having to pay debit interest until your account is back in credit.

6. Pay with your smartphone in the shops

Because of MobilePay's overwhelming success, KBC is now pleased to announce that KBC clients can now also use their smartphones to pay in a growing number of shops. All you need is a smartphone and the KBC Mobile app.

How it works

Look for a KBC QR code at the till. If you see one, open your KBC Mobile app and tap 'Pay by MobilePay' at the bottom of the screen. Scan the QR code and confirm your purchase with your PIN to easily and securely make your cardless payment in no time.

Shops where you can use MobilePay

MobilePay can currently be used in almost all Colruyt Group shops (Colruyt, Okay, BioPlanet, Dreamland and Dreambaby). While you familiarise yourself with this new payment method, we'll continue to build new partnerships so you can soon pay with your smartphone at all your favourite shops.

7. Gift-wrap your transfers with SurprisePay

Gift-wrap your transfers with SurprisePay

Know someone getting married or celebrating their birthday? Have a friend who just became a mother or bought a home for the first time? Surprise them with a personalised transfer in glitzy gift wrapping.
Our KBC Mobile app now lets you turn your transfers into gift cards with a personal photo or message. That includes transfers to people who don’t bank with us.

How it works

  1. Open and complete a transfer form in KBC Mobile and switch on SurprisePay
  2. Choose a theme and enter a personal message
  3. Add a photo of your own if you like to make it totally personal
  4. Send your SurprisePay gift card
  5. Delight the lucky recipient with your message received through KBC Mobile

What if the partying payee doesn’t have KBC Mobile?

No problem! Simply message the merrymaker in question with your card by e-mail, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.


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