Create a beneficiary in KBC Touch

Create a beneficiary in KBC Touch

Create a beneficiary in KBC Touch

Do you regularly make transfers to the same person? If so, it's useful to save them as a beneficiary. Read on to find out how to do this in KBC Touch.

1. On the payments screen, click 'More' and select 'Beneficiaries'.

2. This takes you to an overview of all your existing beneficiaries. Click the plus symbol next to 'New beneficiary' to add a new beneficiary.

3. Enter the name and account number of the beneficiary you wish to add. You can also enter a nickname

so you know exactly which beneficiary it is. The fields 'Nickname', 'Amount' and 'Message' are not compulsory.

4. Click the blue 'Save' button.

You can also create a beneficiary for an account you have made a transfer to in the past.

1. Click the desired account on the 'Payments' screen. This takes you to an overview of your transactions.

2. Click the other party you wish to add as a beneficiary. A screen will now pop up.

3. Click the 'Add beneficiary' button.

4. If you always transfer the same amount to this beneficiary, you can also save that amount. If

the amount varies, it is best to leave this field empty.

5. Click 'Save' and then 'OK'.

The beneficiary has now been created.


Do you regularly make transfers to the same beneficiary? If so, it may be easier to set up a standing order. Payments you make to certain suppliers on a monthly basis can be paid via direct debit. 

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