Savings accounts

Savings accounts

Get a savings account for free

A free savings from KBC lets you save for a rainy day at your own tempo.

Tall Oaks Savings Account

Security deposit savings account

Keep your security deposit safe and even earn money on it with a KBC Security Deposit Savings Account.

Account insurance

Account insurance provides some financial support for your family if you die or become totally and permanently disabled due to an accident. Learn more.

Tax on earnings from savings

Learn how interest on a savings account is taxed and when you have to pay withholding tax with examples.

Free savings account for your child

With a KBC Savings Account, you can save at your own pace and build up a tidy little nest egg for your little treasure.

Kids account

  • Save for your baby’s future
  • Put it on your birth announcement card
  • Get one easily online

Save regularly for your little hero or heroine with ease

Save regularly for your little hero or heroine with ease child by standing order or save with Bumba

Getting your security deposit back

Looking to get your security deposit back without having to go to your branch? Release your security deposit the easy way in our app. See how