Account insurance

Account insurance

Great value account insurance

It costs just 4.80 euros a year per insured account.

Death and permanent disability

If you die or become totally and permanently disabled as a result of an accident (i.e. the degree of disability is at least 67%), this insurance pays out.

Designated beneficiaries

You get to nominate one or more beneficiaries.

How KBC Account Insurance works

Account insurance is a group accident insurance policy that KBC Bank has taken out with KBC Insurance and which you can sign up to for most current accounts and savings accounts at KBC. Costing 4.80 euros a year, it provides financial compensation if you die or become totally and permanently disabled as a result of a covered accident (degree of disability of at least 67%).

Financial peace of mind for just 4.80 euros

You choose the accounts you want to insure. The account holder is usually the insured person under our account insurance. If you have a joint account, you and the other account holders are insured in equal proportions.

The insurance provides compensation if you die or become totally and permanently disabled as a result of an accident.

  • Disability to a degree of at least 67%
    If you are covered by this insurance and become totally and permanently disabled, we will pay the compensation to you.
  • Death
    If you're covered by this insurance and die, we will pay the compensation to your beneficiary or beneficiaries (if there's money on the account).

The standard designation is that the first in line to receive compensation is your cohabiting spouse or legally cohabiting partner. If you're not married or aren't officially living with someone, the compensation is paid to your children. If you don't have any children or an officially cohabiting spouse or partner, the compensation goes to your estate.

You want a different arrangement?

You don't have to follow this standard designation, though, and can instead nominate one or more beneficiaries of your choosing. All you have to do is complete our form for changing beneficiaries and hand it in to your KBC bank branch.

Download this form

Note that 'de facto' cohabiting partners are not automatically the beneficiary of your KBC Account Insurance. If you want to designate them as the beneficiary, you'll need to complete our form for changing beneficiaries and hand it in to your KBC bank branch.


The compensation we pay for an insured accident comes to at least 1,875 euros per insured person and is based on the sum of the balances of all the insured accounts.

Beneficiaries also receive additional compensation of 1,250 euros for each child who is a dependent of the insured person.
The total compensation (including additional compensation for dependent children) can be as much as 125,000 euros per insured person, regardless of the number of accounts held and the balances on the accounts.

Main exclusions

  • Participation in and training for speed races, time-speed distance (TSD) rallies, skills-based competitions
  • Accidents caused deliberately or due to serious error
  • Accidents caused whilst in a state of alcoholic intoxication of more than 1.5 pro mil or in a state of drunkenness


You choose the accounts you want covered by the insurance and you can also cancel the cover at any time. The annual premium of 4.80 euros is debited automatically from the insured account. If you'd like to insure your accounts or cancel your account insurance, just make an appointment with your branch.


This insurance is valid worldwide and is governed by the laws of Belgium.

You can submit any complaints you may have by e-mail to, tel. 0800 62 084 and/or by e-mail to

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