Term investments and savings certificates

Term investments and savings certificates

Fixed interest rate

You know what to expect thanks to the fixed term to maturity and fixed rate of interest.

Capital protection

Repayment of capital in full at maturity

Extensive choice

Regardless of your investment horizon or whether you want interest to earn interest, KBC has solutions to suit every need.

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How is the coronavirus impacting your investments?

Why go for a term investment or savings certificate?

Generally speaking, a term investment or savings certificate earns a higher rate of interest than a conventional savings account. Unlike with a savings account, however, your funds cannot be accessed right away. You can only access them once the set term of the instrument comes to an end.

A term investment or savings certificate is also relatively safe, since the capital is paid back on the specific date on which the instrument matures (unless the bank where the account is managed goes bankrupt). For a number of term investments, capital of up to 100,000 euros (per person and per bank) that you have invested is also protected by the deposit guarantee scheme, subject to certain conditionse.

What can be earned on a term investment or savings certificate?

Your return depends on

  • The type of term investment or savings certificate you opt for
  • The term
  • The currency

How much do you need to invest?

Usually you have to invest a minimum amount in a term investment or savings certificate. This can range from a couple of hundred euros up to 10,000 euros.


You don't have to pay any subscription or management fees.

Tax treatment

The income generated is subject to Belgian withholding tax of (currently) 30% on the gross amount of the interest. Some investors may qualify for an exemption if they meet certain conditions.

The tax treatment information applies to individual investors with earned income subject to Belgian personal income tax. The tax treatment will depend on your individual circumstances and may change in the future.

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  • If you're not yet a client of oursour branch staff will be pleased to guide you through the offering
  • If you're already a client, you can see an overview and the current rates of interest in KBC Touch or KBC Invest

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