Take the easy way to your driving licence

Ready to hit the road? KBC helps you with every turn of the wheels!

Take the easy way to your driving licence

Ready to hit the road? KBC helps you with every turn of the wheels!

Wanting to take your driving test, or just passed? Congratulations! Naturally, you're now itching to get behind that wheel, anyone can understand that. 

To help young drivers become experienced drivers, we've got a range of handy tools that get youngsters properly prepared and teach them all about driving safely, something we place great importance on.

  • Prepare for your driving test
  • The first few miles
  • Your first car of your own 

Preparing for your driving test

You've passed your driving theory test and are about to drive a car for the very first time. Great! Take driving lessons from someone you know (who has at least eight years of experience) or an instructor from an approved driving examination centre. If you'll be practising with your parents' car, make sure you have adequate insurance.

The first few miles

So, you passed! Become a master at safe driving, using the KBC DriveSafe app:

  • Get useful feedback and tips in a light-hearted manner
  • to help you better understand your driving style and become an experienced driver.
  • Enjoy great extras, like competitions with attractive prizes and a discount on your Proximus subscription. 

Will you be driving your parents' car? Then discover what the insurance KBC Start2Drive can mean to you.

Specially for parents 
Safe to send your son or daughter off on the road? The KBC DriveSafe app helps newly qualified drivers through the time just after their test when they're driving on their own. The app measures driving style based on three factors:

  • Speed
  • Eco-driving skills (like avoiding abrupt acceleration or braking)
  • Distractions (not texting or calling).

As their coach, and if your son or daughter agrees, you can follow the app's feedback online. In addition, if you want to encourage good driving style and offer them extra rewards, simply close a 'deal' in the app.

If your son or daughter is learning to drive in your own car, or they've already passed and are running around in your car, make sure they're included under your KBC car insurance.

Your first car of your own

If you're about to buy your own car, you'll have quite a lot of decisions to make. Is it better to go for a second-hand or new car? What kinds of insurance should you take out? And how are you going to finance your car? Check out our tips and special solutions for young drivers.

Specially for parents
If one of your children is getting their first car, our MyFirstCar insurance is made just for them.

Be sure to check out the great used cars KBC Autolease offer every week on their website. See their latest deals and maybe find an ideal first set of wheels.

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