Hit the road with the KBC DriveSafe app

Hit the road with the KBC DriveSafe app

Get feedback and driving tips

The app rates and gives you feedback on your driving to help you quickly become a better driver.

Get specific feedback

KBC DriveSafe shows and tells you how you're driving. See things like whether you were going a bit too fast and where that was on a map to become a better driver.


The app also lets you get coached by someone you know who tracks and can reward you for your driving.

KBC DriveSafe is no longer offered since 1 March 2019.
This page is solely for clients holding a KBC DriveSafe Account.

Helping young drivers get on the road safely is a top priority for us at KBC. That's why we've developed some great tools to help learner drivers and their instructors every step of the way.

Just got your driving licence and itching to get behind that wheel? We're here to help with our KBC DriveSafe app for beginner drivers. It guides you in your early days as an unaccompanied driver.

KBC DriveSafe app

Going for your practical driving test? Install the KBC DriveSafe app.

See how you're driving with our DriveSafe app! Get fun and useful feedback and tips on your driving to help you better understand your driving style and become an experienced driver.


You're not on your own, because KBC DriveSafe lets you share your results with a coach. Your coach gets feedback on your driving and can use ‘deals’ to encourage you to improve how you drive. Your details are anonymous. We don't know who uses the app, nor do we link it to any insurance policies.

Insurance for young drivers

Starting to drive by yourself on your provisional or full driving licence? Our KBC DriveSafe app is just the thing for you.

Make sure you have the right car insurance before you hit the road. We've got a special range of insurance just for young drivers to cover you driving your own or your parents' car.

  • Learning to drive using your parents' car? See what our KBC Start2Drive cover can do for you.
  • Just bought your own first car? Check out our KBC MyFirstCar insurance made for younger drivers. 


Thinking of buying your own car? There's a great deal to take on board. See our tips on the next page.

Get our KBC DriveSafe app

Get scores for how you're driving, make 'deals' with your coach and set up the app your way. See how to get started with KBC DriveSafe.

See your driving at a glance on your dashboard

Get an overall score for how you drove last time (based on speed control, eco-driving and undistracted driving skills) and feedback on how you're driving now. The score for your last journey is compared to your total score for all your previous journeys.

The app also tells you the driving level you've reached, the total distance you've driven and the number of deal credits you've earned.

You can use the dashboard to manually start or stop recording a journey. 

Get feedback on your last journey

View scores and more details of how you drove during your last five journeys. How you drove on your last journey is compared to your driving on all previous journeys. The app measures speed, eco-driving (avoiding sudden accelerating and braking) and distractions whilst driving (texting, phone calls, opening smartphone apps and data usage). You get feedback to help you improve your driving where that's needed.

For each journey, you also get details of the date, duration, distance driven and deal credits earned. You can use this screen to share your journey scores with friends on social media.

You can choose to look at further details on a map or according to speed limit zone. The map shows you where you went wrong (driving too fast, sudden acceleration and/or braking). If you break the speed limit, we tell you what your speed and the permitted speed limit were. For each speed limit zone, you get a score on your speed and information on serious speeding offences (compared to the speed limit).

The app only imposes penalty points for a speeding offence once the permitted speed limit is exceeded by a certain margin.

See how you’re driving overall

‘All journeys’ shows you an overall driving score for all your journeys, including scores for speed control, eco-driving and undistracted driving skills. It also displays the total distance driven for all your recorded journeys.

Make a deal

Make deals with your coach to get rewarded for safe driving. Agree how many credits you need for speed control, eco-driving and/or undistracted driving to reach your goal. One credit corresponds to one kilometre driven without fault (according to the criteria set by your coach). If you've made a deal, this shows you how many credits you've already earned and what it will take to reach your goal. Your coach can also offer a reward for doing well. The app lets you upload a photo of that reward if you like.

Receive messages

If you opt to receive messages, you'll find them in your inbox. They give you general tips on safe driving and may also include details of products and services or other offers that might interest you.

Set up the app your way

Manage settings including:

  • Data upload connection: to choose whether to upload recorded data over a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.
  • Auto-start journey: by default, the app will record your driving whenever you start a journey. This is where you can switch that on or off. Recording journeys can also be started manually.
  • Snooze start: if we notice that your smartphone is moving, we'll ask you if you've started a journey. If you say you haven't, you can turn auto-start off for a time, which means that automatic recording of journeys is disabled for that time. You can set the default delay period in your settings. 
  • Receive messages: lets you set whether you want to receive messages from KBC. These may include general tips on safe driving, details of products and services that might interest you or competition offers. The default setting is not to receive messages.
  • Share details with your coach: lets you choose whether to share details of your driving with your coach. If you opt for this, by default, your coach can see your driving style on all recorded journeys (including previous ones). You can also use this feature to stop sharing your driving style with your coach. If you later reactivate it, your coach can also see how you drove previously.
  • Choose a language: to change the app's language. The available languages are: Dutch, English, French and German.
  • Change password: to reset your password.

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