Discover your KBC Business Dashboard

Harness the power of the KBC Business Dashboard

One central platform for all your financial business

The KBC Business Dashboard is a powerful, innovative and secure platform to save you time and money.


The Business Dashboard lets you deal with all your business matters quickly and efficiently.

  • In real time

    Get an immediate view of the balances on your accounts, including those at other banks. Keep close track of your international payments. Make SEPA Instant Credit Transfers.

  • Fast and user-friendly

    Request cards in no time and download payment reports and certificates. Create a link to your accounting software. Sign multiple payment instructions in one go.

  • Live support

    Get help by using the live chat facility or sharing your screen live with your dedicated contact.

All in one

Our Business Dashboard is ideal for your business needs. Manage a range of financial matters all from the same place and stay future proof with an ever-growing list of innovative features that we’re constantly expanding with our trusted partners.

  • Payments

    Transfer funds, set up direct debits, check the status of international transfers and much more besides.

  • Financing

    Draw down straight loans and optimise your working capital.

  • International trade

    Gain access to reliable trading partners and relevant market information. Manage your import and export administration and quickly request guarantees.

  • Investing

    Buy, manage and display investments at any time.

  • Insurance

    Manage your employees' group insurance scheme and report workplace accidents.


The Business Dashboard is designed to meet your individual needs.

  • Clear responsibilities

    Give each user the modules that are relevant to them. Delegate by power of attorney with immediate effect.

  • Personalised information

    Stay up to date through tailored reports and messages. Receive triggers when something needs to be done.

  • Sign digitally

    Enjoy speed and convenience. And sign wherever and whenever it suits with our KBC Business app on your phone.

Future proof

Benefit from innovative solutions that we actively seek in association with reputable fintechs and financial players.

  • Cashforce: predict your working capital

    Screen, manage and forecast your working capital more accurately and efficiently in partnership with Cashforce.

  • BrightAnalytics: financial reports with impact

    Get a clear insight into your company’s performance from fast, powerful and visual reports in association with BrightAnalytics.

  • digital invoicing

    Receive, send and archive invoices using, a joint venture with Arco Information.