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Check out our vacancies for much more information. Questions after reading the job description? Contact the vacancy's talent acquisition adviser. You'll find their contact details the bottom of the vacancy.

Send an e-mail to kandidaat.verzekeringsagentschap@verz.kbc.be with your specific question about jobs at an insurance agency.

For general questions, we would like to refer you to: jobs@kbc.be.


When we receive your application form, the talent acquisition adviser will start processing it. Any further steps depend on the vacancy for which you applied. Our talent acquisition adviser will keep you in the loop.

That isn’t possible (for now), but be sure to keep an eye on our job site, as we regularly have new vacancies.


As digital company, we use various social media channels. These will give you a unique look behind the scenes. So be sure to follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram to keep yourself informed.

Then we have some good news. KBC offers a lot of internships every year, in the bank offices, at insurance agents and at our head offices. Take a look at the internship page or you will find the vacancies per expertise. You can apply for an internship via our website