We are Team Blue: united by our PEARL+ culture

  • Join our fantastic team of 42,000 people working across the KBC Group.
  • We operate in five core countries: Belgium, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Bulgaria.
  • Embracing diversity, we employ people of more than fifty nationalities in Belgium.

Every day, we make every effort to meet customers’ expectations by providing fast, simple, proactive and personalised services, both via our physical branches and through digital channels.




Do you endorse our PEARL+ culture and values?

Together we are one team, Team Blue, all connected by our corporate culture: PEARL+. Want to find out what that means?

You seek to achieve excellence in everything you do. You continuously help to improve the quality of our products and services while aiming for flawless results. This is how we exceed our customers’ expectations.

You are encouraged to develop your skills as an entrepreneur and you seize every opportunity to develop your creativity and talent. This inspires energy and enthusiasm among all our employees.

You assume responsibility for your own actions. You communicate about your results openly and of your own accord. You learn from your mistakes and use them to grow.

You respond to expectations of, and signals and questions from, customers and colleagues. You act on them, anticipate them and respond to them proactively.

You consider our customers’ local needs by putting yourself in their shoes.

Cross-border and cross-silo collaboration energises you. You enjoy learning from others and you harness the power of your 42,000 talented colleagues. Will you help take our company to the next level?

Respect is the cornerstone of our PEARL+ culture

Our PEARL+ culture revolves around respect and inclusion,
which translates into an environment where everyone feels at home in the workplace:
  • A place where colleagues and customers alike treat each other with respect
  • A place where you can be yourself and feel comfortable to be yourself – without compromise
  • A place where people have an open mindset and where you can be unafraid to share your opinion

Together we create an inclusive workplace

Gender diversity

We are making every effort to bring about gender diversity and have set ambition targets for gender equality in all management levels.


As an inclusive culture starts with leadership, we expect all managers to be committed to diversity and inclusion.

No place for discrimination

We do not accept any form of discrimination or unequal treatment. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards flagrantly disrespectful behaviour.

The power of network organisations

We believe in the power of network organisations and in connecting people through communities, including on an international scale.


KBC recruits new employees based on their talent and motivation and without considering their background or story.

We are also aware that people have different experiences in life. As we want all job applicants to have an equal opportunity of success, we have put together a list of tips to help you apply for a job at KBC. After all, to ensure our culture of respect and equality, we need to start from the very beginning.

Read our job application tips