Join us on the journey towards multi-mobility

KBC Autolease is taking a new direction

Join us on the journey towards multi-mobility

KBC Autolease is taking a new direction

How will we get around in the future? How will we keep every worker mobile at all times? At KBC and KBC Autolease we already have a good idea of the answer: multi-mobility. 

Multi-mobility is mobility...

Multi-mobility is mobility for all journeys, for everyone and in all forms

KBC Autolease is becoming multi-mobile

The trend towards a new kind of mobility is already under way. KBC Autolease is also making the change and evolving from a lease company to a mobility provider.

By focusing on multi-mobility, we are making our offer future-proof. In a multi-mobile policy, every employee, within a scope that you decide, can make a free and conscious choice as to the modes of transport they use. The diesel car is increasingly making way for sustainable, healthier alternatives.

Our varied offer aims to inspire you to take a close look at your mobility policy. Your company can offer a forward-looking, flexible mobility policy.

An example: Ilse makes the switch to multi-mobility 

Ilse lives 30 km from work and always takes the car. She occasionally drives to head office in Brussels. Stress and traffic jams every day, in other words. There is a better way.

After a mobility scan, Ilse opts for a different way.

  • From now on, she works one day a week from home.
  • When she has to go to Brussels, she takes the train.
  • In the summer she comes to work on her bicycle one day a week, and in the winter she does so occasionally.

This solution is possible thanks to the combination of a green leased car, a leased bicycle using a salary exchange scheme and the Olympus app allowing Ilse to use public transport cheaply.

5 benefits of multi-mobility

modern, flexible mobility policy

1. You are ready for a multi-mobile future

The future is multi-mobile, because:

  • the favourable tax treatment of the company car is under pressure
  • the current employment climate is changing. Workers increasingly expect more flexibility
  • the government, cities and municipalities are all working on alternative mobility plans

2. You keep your costs under control

You create the mobility framework, determine the choices made by the driver and keep your costs under control. Within the allocated budget and the set limits, your employees can make a deliberate and free choice from the range of possibilities offered by KBC Autolease.

3. You contribute to sustainable traffic

  • The bicycle or train naturally have less impact on the environment.
  • Alternatives are essential to ease the problem of traffic jams and reduce the amount of fine particles in the air.

4. A contented employee is worth their weight in gold

A multi-mobile policy makes your employees healthier and makes their lives easier. The right mode of transport at the right time:

  • increases exercise
  • reduces stress (including from traffic congestion)
  • means more efficient use of time
  • provides flexibility every day

The result? Lower sickness absenteeism and higher engagement.

5. You can manage your fleet easily with KBC Autolease Online

KBC Autolease Online is a free web application for vehicle fleet managers. Contracts, invoices, tracking orders: you can do it all online,  even if you manage several different fleets. You can allow drivers restricted access, for example to consult their own file or to modify data. 

What we have to offer

KBC and KBC Autolease are passionate about sustainable mobility. That’s why we’ve been ahead of the pack for years, with flexible and cost-effective solutions tailored to each of your employees. We make all combinations of bicycle, car and public transport possible.

The bicycle

bicycle leasing

Did you know that 20% of employees live less than 15 kilometres from their work? That’s easily covered by bike. And cycling is good for people and for the environment. It is also encouraged through tax breaks, and you can decide to pay a cycle allowance.

With our super-flexible bicycle leasing programme, there’s an option to enable everyone to get on their bike. You go to a selected first-class cycle dealer and choose the bicycle that suits your lifestyle.

Together with our professional network, we take care of all the practical details.

A wide choice from all models, makes and accessories

  • City bikes
  • Racing bikes
  • All-terrain bikes
  • Trekking bikes
  • Delivery bikes
  • Folding bikes
  • Electric bikes 

Annual maintenance

The contract includes 1 annual maintenance service at an approved service point. That means your bicycle is in tip-top condition at all times.

Fully insured

  • Fully insured through KBC Autolease
  • VAB bicycle roadside assistance covering mechanical problems, punctures and vandalism

The car

alternatives for diesel cars, electric car

Diesel cars are still popular, but there are viable, more sustainable alternatives. Together with you, we will look at which vehicles are the most suitable for your fleet.

If you want to make an economically and environmentally friendly choice, calculate the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). You do this by adding together all the mandatory taxes and other costs, such as the variable tax-deductibility, VAT, the solidarity contribution for carbon emissions and the extra non-deductible costs. Lower CO2 emissions usually mean a lower TCO. We state the TCO in every quotation and in our online calculation tool.

Below is a summary of the different fuel choices. You can also take a look at our list of Best In Class vehicle models.


  • Lower purchase price than diesel
  • Available in the same models as diesel
  • Easy to switch from diesel to petrol
  • Powerful and economical petrol engines from many producers (e.g. a one-litre, three-cylinder turbocharged engine which delivers a smooth 120 bhp)

As many petrol engines emit virtually no fine particles, they are ideal for a mix of urban and motorway driving.

Petrol vehicles are increasing in popularity, and we encourage that.


  • Usually 90% tax-deductible
  • Better emissions performance (soot and nitrous oxides) then diesel
  • 100% electrical power for very short journeys
  • Electric motor mainly used for support when pulling away or accelerating
  • Almost silent with smooth starting

Hybrid vehicles are excellent in the city, in stop-start traffic and in traffic jams, because they then make full use of the hybrid propulsion system. 


  • 120% tax-deductible
  • No CO2 emissions whilst driving.
  • 140 to 250 km on one charge
  • Much more economical than the (heavier) plug-in hybrid vehicle.
  • Nippy, quiet and relaxed driving

An electric vehicle is the ideal solution in an urban setting. The lithium-ion battery is charged from the grid and electricity is also generated when slowing down and braking.

The fact that this method of propulsion is not (yet) the first choice of Belgian consumers is due mainly to:

  • the limited range
  • the high purchase price, although the price of lithium-ion batteries is falling faster than expected.
  • the limited number of charging points, though the Flemish Government is planning to have 5 000 electrical charging points operational by 2020


  • Economical internal combustion engine
  • Low CO2 emissions

For drivers who cover high mileages of more than 30,000 km per year and who make frequent motorway journeys lasting at least half an hour, diesel is still a sensible choice.

Diesel engines are not the best choice for use only in the city or for short journeys. What’s more, from 2018 diesel will be more expensive than petrol.


CNG (natural gas)

  • CNG costs less than diesel or petrol.
  • CNG scores well on CO2 and toxic emissions such as soot and nitrous oxides.
  • N.B. It is still a fossil fuel and is therefore not a bridge to sustainable mobility.
  • It is a viable alternative if there is a CNG fuel station nearby

The range of CNG vehicles is limited, and the purchase price is higher than diesel vehicles. Their range is limited to 200-300 km, after which they can continue for short distance using petrol to help the driver out of trouble.

The number of CNG fuel stations in Belgium is still limited, but the Flemish Government hopes to have 300 CNG stations in place by 2020. 

Plug-in hybrid

  • 100% tax-deductible
  • Very powerful because the internal combustion engine and electric motor can also operate simultaneously.
  • (Theoretically) low official fuel consumption and therefore low CO2 emissions
  • 100% electrical power for up to 50 km
  • Longer distances with a petrol engine

In practice, the real-world fuel consumption is often many times higher than the official consumption figures due to the extra weight of having 2 engines and a large battery.

Plug-in hybrids are of interest for drivers wanting to run on the battery in the city (no emissions) but who also need to be able to drive on motorways.

Public transport with the unique Olympus app

ntegrate public transport and bicycle-sharing into a multi-mobility package

The Olympus app makes it easy to integrate public transport and bicycle-sharing into a multi-mobility package for your workers, who can then use their time more efficiently.

Clients of KBC Autolease will soon be able to use the app. The first pilot project is in full swing, and Olympus should become fully operational later this year.

Switch easily between modes of transport

Your employees choose a mode of transport or a combination of modes which is the most suitable for their journey (train, bus, tram, Metro or bicycle).

They can do that for the whole journey, or just a part of it, for example using their leased car to drive to the railway station.

Simple administration

All journeys are automatically logged. You receive a clear monthly invoice.

Curious about how to get started with multi-mobility? We’ll show you the way!

Are you as passionate about sustainable mobility as we are? Are you also convinced that offering a range of multi-mobility solutions leads to satisfied workers and a smaller ecological footprint? If so, join us on the journey towards multi-mobility.

Would you like to get started? Feel free to contact us. We'll be happy to help you.

Contact your relationship manager

More info

  • Flexibility in multimodal (product range, PDF)

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