KBC Autolease Online

The fast, simple online tool for vehicle fleet management

KBC Autolease Online

The fast, simple online tool for vehicle fleet management

KBC Autolease Online in brief

KBC Autolease Online is a modern application offering a rich array of functionalities for both fleet managers and drivers. This online vehicle fleet management tool is fast and simple, and allows you to consult reports on your vehicle fleet at any time.

For fleet managers…

KBC Autolease Online allows you to load your car policy and process it in the quotation tool. Managing your fleet, following individual lease arrangements, consulting orders, monitoring expiring contracts, reviewing kilometres travelled – you can do it all online. The tool allows you to manage your vehicle fleet flexibly, at a time that suits you. You can call up your vehicle fleet reports at any time; they are updated monthly. If you are a fleet manager for more than one company, you can still manage the various fleets easily and clearly, with just one login.

As fleet manager, you decide what level of access you wish to assign to your drivers. They can then consult their own vehicle arrangement and update their personal details. If you wish, they can also use the quotation tool themselves.

And for drivers

Are you a driver? Discover more about how the KBC Autolease Online-tool works. Need to order a new vehicle? Learn how to order a car.

Additional product

The KBC Autolease Online tool provides a direct link to the KBC Autolease Digital Invoice Portal.

More information

If you’d like more information about this online tool, just call KBC Autolease on + 32 16 88 16 00.

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