Getting started with KBC MoveSmart

A guide for the Mobility User

Getting started with KBC MoveSmart

A guide for the Mobility User

This page will take you step-by-step through KBC MoveSmart. It also provides the answers to several frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions

Go to the screen where you sign in and click ‘Forgot password?’ at the bottom. Enter your e-mail address again and click ‘Restore password’ to receive an e-mail with a temporary password that lets you sign in again.

Sign in and click ‘Profile’ then ‘Change password’ at the top right to change your password.
Passwords should be eight or more characters long with at least one number and one capital letter. They should not contain user details like their name, surname, date of birth or the name of your company.

Go to ‘Fleet > Quotes’ and click ‘New quote’. Select your term and mileage if your mobility plan allows it and click ‘Continue’. Use the filters or a search term to select the desired model and start creating your quote.

Go to ‘Fleet > Quotes’, then scroll all the way down until you see the list of previously created quotes (which stay visible there for 30 days).
If you can’t find your quote there, it has probably expired and you should get in touch with your contact at KBC Autolease.

Your employer’s mobility plan determines the budget available to you and whether you can top it up with a one-off down payment. The mobility plan is also linked to a car or bike policy that determines which cars or bikes are available to you within your budget.

Once you’ve completed and saved your quote and you’re sure it’s the car you want to order, send it to your fleet manager using the ‘Approve’ button at the bottom left. They’ll check it one last time before ordering your car or bike.
If you want to cancel your quote, just click ‘Delete’.

We want to ensure that we order the right car for you at the right price and including any applicable discounts, so you don’t get any unpleasant surprises when you pick up your car. That’s why it’s important that we can check your dealer quote and we require you to upload it in KBC MoveSmart.
You can upload your dealer quote at the bottom of your ‘Accessories and discounts’ view under ‘Attachments’. Uploads must be in PDF, JPG or PNG format.
If uploading fails, get in touch with your contact at KBC Autolease.

If the car you would like overruns your budget, you can make up the difference yourself by topping up your budget with a down payment (if possible under your employer’s mobility plan).
You can see when you’ve exceeded your monthly budget, as you’ll be shown by how much you’ve overrun it. Press the pencil icon below that amount to top up your budget with a down payment so your quote can be validated. If the price you’re shown is the total cost of ownership (TCO), your down payment will be calculated on that basis.

There are two reasons why your preferred car might not be shown in the list:
either the car isn’t available under your employer’s mobility plan or it’s a very new model for which we haven’t yet received all the details to give you a full quote.

KBC MoveSmart only shows options and packs available for certain models. If your dealer quote contains an option or pack that you’re unable to select in KBC MoveSmart, get in touch with your contact at KBC Autolease.

KBC MoveSmart automatically includes your employer’s standard customer discount, so you don’t have to do anything extra for that.
Certain models regularly feature discounts and offers on the packs/options you can select. However, they may not be available to your employer, so always check with your fleet manager or your dealer quote to find out whether you’re entitled to them.
Your dealer may exceptionally grant you an additional discount that you can’t select anywhere. You can enter this using ‘Add discount’ under ‘Accessories and discounts’.

Go to your ‘Fleet’ view and tick up to three quotes at the bottom of the screen to compare them.

Your employer’s fleet insurance or fuel may be provided by another supplier. If so, we’ll try to approximate the total price with our quote (including all services), but there may still be a difference as the insurance or fuel is from another supplier. CO2 tax may also cause a difference between the lease price for your order and the price given on your approved quote.
If you’d like an accurate statement of your total lease price including all services, just contact your fleet manager.

The ‘Details of quote’ screen summarising your quote includes a ‘Vehicle’ section with the ‘Net price excl. VAT’. Compare that with the net price excluding VAT on your dealer quote. Those two prices must be the same. If not, check your quote in KBC MoveSmart again and compare the details with your dealer quote.

No. KBC MoveSmart doesn’t currently let you print off quotes, but you can take a screenshot and print that.

More information?

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