Digital applications

Car policy

Make clear agreements about company cars by drawing up a car policy together with KBC Autolease.

Tax pre-payment

The KBC Tax Pre-Payment Plan means you pay more in advance, so that over the long term you pay less tax.

Looking to finance your company vehicle? Check out our sharp rates

Run a simulation and easily arrange your financing in your KBC Business Dashboard.

Finance holiday allowances with the KBC Cash Budget Credit Facility

The ideal financing without pressure on your cash flow. Work out your cash budget facility now.

Best In Class vehicle list

KBC Bicycle Leasing

Real estate certificates

KBC Real Estate: real estate certificates & real estate sicafis

Full-service car leasing

Are you looking for a full-service car leasing formula? This is KBC Autolease's particular strength.

The future of your family business

Together, we’ll work towards a carefully planned generational shift.

Working capital insights

Discover and activate the 'Insights working capital' app in your Business Dashboard

leveraged finance