Receivables management and factoring

Strengthen your liquidity position

Receivables management and factoring

Strengthen your liquidity position

Receivables management and factoring

Ask us to pre-finance and collect your invoices to boost your cash flow.

Get the most from receivables management

KBC Commercial Finance can manage part or all of your receivables for you.

Insolvency risk cover

If a debtor doesn’t pay you or goes bankrupt, you’ll receive up to the full amount of your invoice.

Why outsource your receivables management?

Outsourcing your receivables management improves your customers’ payment behaviour and boosts your business’s cash flow. We offer full receivables management services from A to Z. Our approach is always tactful and professional. Your debtors pay you faster and you retain your commercial relationship with them, letting you focus on your core business.

Factoring: receivables management with finance

Optimising your cash flow requires careful monitoring of your debtors. That takes time and energy. KBC Commercial Finance’s factoring service is an effective way of dealing with this.
KBC Commercial Finance takes over your accounts receivable management for you, plus you benefit from a credit line for your outstanding invoices.
We make things easy for you with our ComFin Touch web app, letting you send usbdetails of your open invoices online. If required, we’ll then immediately provide you with an advance payment of up to 85% of the amount on the outstanding invoice.

The benefits of factoring

Quick and flexible growth financing
  • Lower financing costs compared to conventional short-term loans
  • No extra guarantees 
  • No financing ceiling

Receivables management support

  • Payments arranged faster
  • More working capital available
  • Variability of salary costs

Insolvency risk cover

  • Full cover for invoices within the approved insurance limits
  • Efficient payment after 100 days with minimal admin
  • Continuity, profit and liquidity no longer dependent on the financial quality of your debtors

Interested in factoring?

If you’d like to know more about factoring, your relationship manager will be happy to help.

Contact your relationship manager



Want to make the best possible use of your working capital? KBC Commercial Finance can provide advances for every trade receivable.
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