Smart Debtor Management

Tax pre-payment

The KBC Tax Pre-Payment Plan means you pay more in advance, so that over the long term you pay less tax.

Looking to finance your company vehicle? Check out our sharp rates

Run a simulation and easily arrange your financing in your KBC Business Dashboard.

Digital applications

Car policy

Make clear agreements about company cars by drawing up a car policy together with KBC Autolease.

Finance holiday allowances with the KBC Cash Budget Credit Facility

Best In Class vehicle list

KBC Bicycle Leasing

Fed up with traffic jams? Lease a bicycle! For yourself or for your employees.

Real estate certificates

KBC Real Estate: real estate certificates & real estate sicafis

Full-service car leasing

Are you looking for a full-service car leasing formula? This is KBC Autolease's particular strength.

The future of your family business

Together, we’ll work towards a carefully planned generational shift.

Working capital insights