Digital applications

All applications of the KBC Business Dashboard

Digital applications

All applications of the KBC Business Dashboard


KBC Reach

The web application for your business payment accounts and transactions, with clear reports and summaries.

Isabel 6

Do you hold bank accounts with various banks? Manage them with the help of a single software tool: Isabel 6.

e-Powers of attorney: fast, easy and secure

e-Powers of attorney are fast, easy and secure. Manage them in your KBC Business Dashboard.

KBC Business

Manage your company's banking needs wherever and whenever you want, on your smartphone.

KBC Sign

Log in to the KBC Business Dashboard using your phone

Cash pooling

Simplifying cash management


Bank guarantee

With a bank guarantee, you deliver the necessary financial security to your counterparty

Looking to finance your company vehicle? Check out our sharp rates

Run a simulation and easily arrange your financing in your KBC Business Dashboard.

Finance holiday allowances with the KBC Cash Budget Credit Facility

The ideal financing without pressure on your cash flow. Work out your cash budget facility now.

Tax pre-payment plan

  • Avoid a tax surcharge
  • Improve your liquidity
  • Tax-deductible


Secure and customised. All your documentary collections and credits in 1 place with KBC Flexims.

ComFin Touch

Boost your working capital by app


Working capital insights

Analyze and optimize your working capital with this app in your Business Dashboard

Foreign currency

Go&Deal Pro

Go&Deal Pro, the tool for executing transactions on the international foreign exchange markets free and speedily.


Store all your trade confirmations in one secure place using the reliable Internet application eDocumentBox.


Go&Deal Pro

Beheer je muntrisico met de toepassing Go&Deal Pro


Bewaar al je confirmaties van marktenzaaltransacties op een veilige plaats met de betrouwbare internetapplicatie eDocumentBox.