Finance year-end bonuses (13th month) with the KBC Cash Budget Credit Facility

  • No need to set aside any of you own cash
  • Get a better rate than for an advance in current account
  • Benefit from a fixed interest charge that is tax-deductible
Finance year-end bonuses

Why take out a cash budget credit facility?

A cash budget credit facility is an attractive financial solution that can be used to cover a liquidity shortage. By taking one out, you leave your own cash resources and other credit lines intact.
Thanks to the fixed interest rate, you know exactly how much you have to pay back and the interest charged is tax-deductible.

A cash budget credit facility is ideal for financing holiday allowances and year-end bonuses

A KBC Cash Budget Credit Facility lets you pay your staff their holiday pay or end-of-year bonuses on time without putting a strain on your cash resources.
The cash budget credit facility is a loan that enables you to spread these wage costs over 12 months, while paying low interest charges.
What's more, the interest and your loan-related charges are all tax-deductible.

Applying for your KBC Cash Budget Credit Facility

Run a simulation in your Business Dashboard for your cash budget credit facility
  • Indicate the amount you want to borrow during the simulation.
  • After some number-crunching, you'll receive a clear idea of the cash budget credit facility and the rate applying to it, the monthly repayments and associated charges. This ensures you know everything up front and so avoid any unwelcome surprises.
  • If you agree with the proposal, simply submit your application.
These are the next steps in the process following approval of your application.
  • After your request for credit has been approved by KBC, the legal representatives of your company sign the credit contract.
  • You receive a copy of the contract and the funds are immediately made available for use.
  • You can then draw down the credit facility through your Business Dashboard.
  • Your repayments are deducted automatically from the linked KBC Current Account and spread over 12 months after your first drawdown.
Work out your cash budget credit facility now

Any questions about the KBC Cash Budget Credit Facility?

Download the step-by-step guide to work out your cash budget credit facility.