KBC Reach

New on the KBC Business Dashboard

New on the KBC Business Dashboard


Free, safe and tailor-made. All your documentary collections and credits in one place with KBC Flexims.

Instant credit transfers

Transfers executed any time of day, any day of the year, with an instant credit transfer? The more banks take part, the bigger the benefits.

KBC Business Dashboard: irregularities in payment orders

Step-by-step guide

What is SEPA?


System requirements

System requirements for easy online banking

KBC Business Dashboard: activate payment problem alerts

Step-by-step guide

KBC-Flexims FAQ

Do you have questions regarding KBC Flexims? Get the all answers by reading the FAQ.

Flexims: all step-by-step guides

Easy step-by-step guides for the most important functions of Flexims. 

KBC Business FAQs

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