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Go&Deal FAQ

With the Go&Deal digital app you can buy or sell foreign currencies in real time and at competitive prices. Read how to use the application here. Find the answers here to frequently asked questions

Go&Deal Pro

Go&Deal Pro, the tool for executing transactions on the international foreign exchange markets free and speedily.

'Working Capital Insights' app

Analyze and optimize your working capital


Keep your cash flows under control with KBC Reach on your smartphone and computer. See what it can do for you.


Fuel cards and charge cards for lease vehicles

KBC Business Dashboard FAQ

Do you have questions regarding the Business Dashboard? Get the all answers by reading the FAQ.

KBC Business Dashboard

KBC Business Dashboard, a portal that gives you access to all your business banking applications.    

KBC Business: installing the app


KBC Reach: how to add a new user?

Wondering how to add a user in KBC Reach? See how with our handy guide.

KBC Business Dashboard: deleting a user