KBC Business app

Bank on the go for your business with our top free app

KBC Business app

Bank on the go for your business with our top free app

Bank on your phone

Check your business account balances and transactions and make transfers fast.

Authorise payments

Approve individual or batched payment orders entered in KBC Business Dashboard.

Sign documents

Digitally countersign contracts and documents right from your phone.

What is KBC Business?

KBC Business is our free mobile banking app for businesses already using KBC Business Dashboard.
The app lets you do your business banking on your phone anytime, anywhere.

Get the benefits of KBC Business

✓ Check your balances and transactions
 View your accounts whenever you need to (the same current and savings accounts as in your Business Dashboard), with the ability to look up transactions going back a year and display or cancel planned transactions.

✓ Sign documents
Sign for things like credit contracts, online banking, e-mails and opening an account
digitally as your business’s legal representative.

✓ Approve and make individual and batched payments
Authorise single and grouped payment orders set up in KBC Business Dashboard from the convenience of your phone.

If you’ve appointed a KBC Business Dashboard administrator, they can give you access to our KBC Business app using Business Dashboard. Once you have that, you can countersign for individual and batched payments on your phone.

✓ Make transfers
Use the app to quickly and easily transfer funds between your own and other accounts within the euro area.
For security reasons, the app enforces certain transaction limits for making transfers. These do not apply in KBC Business Dashboard, where the limits are set by the powers of attorney. The default setting is shown below, but you can have these settings changed at any time.

✓ Contact us directly
Chat with the adviser you need right from the app. Ask us a question through the ‘Communication’ feature and get your answer in the app, giving you support and advice at your fingertips at all times.

Bank on the fly in full security

Mobile banking security is extremely important to us. KBC Business is just as secure and reliable as online banking on your computer using Business Dashboard.

Get started with KBC Business

We’re here to help. Installing our KBC Business app is easy.
To use it:

  • Your business needs to already be using KBC Business Dashboard
  • Your Business Dashboard administrator (that could be you) must approve you as a user of our Business app (you need to be a registered Business Dashboard user; if not, your administrator can easily add you using your client number and name)You need a smartphone (iOS or Android)
  • Your smartphone must meet our system requirements and have access to the Internet

Get going in just 3 steps

1. Register for KBC Business

Registering for KBC Business can be done in the KBC Business Dashboard (your company’s Business Dashboard administrator is the only person who can register you).

Open Business Dashboard and go to ‘Administration’ then ‘Applications’. Under KBC Business, hit ‘Add’ then ‘Get started’. Your administrator can now make you a new user and get your activation codes.

2. Get your activation codes

When your administrator requests your activation codes in Business Dashboard, they receive your user ID instantly under ‘Reports’.

We then send you the QR code for activating the app. When registering your details, the administrator indicates how you are to receive these activation codes:

  • Under ‘Reports’ in your Business Dashboard
  • By post to your personal address (takes up to 10 days)

3. Download the KBC Business app and log in

Once you have the activation codes, you can install the app on your phone.

The KBC Business app

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